HP B6000 StoreOnce Backup Systems

c03054135Longing to take the pain out of backup and disaster recovery across your enterprise? You need a scalable disk backup solution that reduces management overheads, cuts storage costs and keeps pace with data growth.

HP B6000 StoreOnce Backup Systems take HP StoreOnce to the enterprise, providing efficient disk based backup with data deduplication for effective longer term on site data retention, remote office data protection and off site disaster recovery. The B6000 is highly scalable, offering up to 768 TB of capacity and speeds of up to 28 TB/hr to match enterprise performance requirements and meet ever shrinking backup windows. A HP Converged Storage systems, designed with no single point of failure - you can be confident in the availability of your backup. Integrating seamlessly into your current IT environment, B6000 Backup Systems simplify data management across complex and distributed enterprises enabling you to manage data protection from a single pane of glass.

Scale-out, Future-ready Design to Deliver Leading Capacity and Performance

HP B6000 StoreOnce Backup Systems allow you to grow usable capacity as your backup data requirements grow. Scale from 48 TB out to 768 TB of raw capacity (32 TB - 512 TB usable), by using a simple capacity upgrade for a lower cost alternative to purchasing additional systems.
The first highly available large scale deduplication appliance with Autonomic Restart of backup jobs. Autonomic Restart ensures that, after a failure and system failover, the backup application jobs are able to restart automatically without any personnel involvement.
Backup huge amounts of data within short backup windows with the B6000 high performance multi-streaming capability. Consolidate multiple, parallel backup streams via standard Ethernet or Fibre Channel network to a single disk-based device to achieve aggregate backup speeds of up to 28 TB per hour.
Pay as you Grow. Purchase a base unit dual-node couplet with 48 TB raw capacity (32TB usable). Scale in increments of 24 TB or 48 TB of raw capacity (16 / 32 TB usable) up to a maximum of 192 TB per couplet (128TB usable) and out to 768 TB (512TB usable) with (4) couplets in (2) standard 42U racks.

Dedupe 2.0 – A Single, Common StoreOnce Deduplication Algorithm Across the Enterprise – Only from HP

HP StoreOnce deduplication software reduces backup data sets by up to 20x, providing extended data retention on the same disk footprint for over 10 PBs of backup data. With HP Labs innovation, HP StoreOnce enables a unified, high performance deduplication platform across the enterprise.
With StoreOnce enabled replication you can efficiently transmit only unique data blocks over lower bandwidth network links, reducing both the cost of transmission and the time taken to off-site your data.
HP StoreOnce deduplication makes disk-based backup and replication more cost-effective for onsite data retention, off-site disaster recovery and centralized data protection of remote and branch offices.
Centralize the backup of multiple remote sites, HP B6000 allows a fan-in of up to 384 backup streams to a single fully configured target device. Couplet based licensing reduces the cost of replication.

High Availability with Autonomic Restart – Only from HP

High Availability -- No single point of failure in your backup process due to redundancy built-in at every level.
Highly available deduplication appliance with Autonomic Restart. In the event of a node failure, the system automatically fails over. The backup application will autonomically continue to retry failed jobs on the surviving node.
Built-in hardware redundancy with dual path disk arrays, a dual path internal network and dual power supplies throughout. Includes hardware-based RAID 6 to reduce the risk of data loss due to disk failure.
Dual fabric support for the backup jobs to the system via bonded Ethernet connections and dual fibre channel ports per node.

Reduce Your Data Protection Overheads By Simplifying Backup and Improving Manageability

Consolidate and automate your backup processes allowing you to reduce the time spent managing your data protection. This self-managing device reduces routine maintenance and makes it easy to administer backup and disaster recovery across the enterprise.
Seamlessly integrates into any environment. HP B6000 StoreOnce Backup Systems is supported by all leading backup applications and offers a choice of backup target including VTL and NAS (CIFS/NFS) for a unified data protection solution in more complex IT environments.
The B6000 features a single consolidated web-based browser interface for managing all four couplets, and allowing you to monitor locally or remotely, to view results or change settings. It is ideal for lights out backup of larger remote offices or regional data centers.


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Ideal For Data centers that need scalable backup and disaster recovery across the enterprise, while reducing management overheads and cutting costs
Drive Description (384) LFF SAS
Capacity 768 TB Raw
512 TB Useable
Transfer Rate 28 TB/hr
Deduplication HP StoreOnce deduplication
Storage Expansion Options B6200 24TB capacity upgrade kit
B6200 48TB capacity upgrade kit
Host Interface 10 GbE (16) Ports and
8 Gb Fibre Channel (16) Ports and
1Gb Ethernet (16) Ports
RAID Support Hardware RAID 6
Replication Support Low Bandwidth Replication licensed by couplet
Target for Backup Applications Virtual Tape Library and NAS (CIFS/NFS)
Tape Devices Emulated HP LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO-5 Ultrium Tape Drives in MSL2024 Tape Library, MSL4048 Tape Library, HP D2D generic library with HP D2D generic LTO tape drive
Number of Virtual Tape Libraries and NAS Targets (384) Maximum
Number of Virtual Tape Cartridges Emulated (6294156) Maximum
Maximum Number of Source Appliances (384) Maximum
Form Factor (2) 42U racks
Warranty (parts-labor-onsite) 1/1/1

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