Alone in the industry, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage uses a single architecture to deliver primary storage platforms for midrange, Tier-1 enterprise, and optimized all-flash arrays.


HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

Get Tier 1 scalability, resiliency and advanced features at a mid-range price. Compromising between application availability and affordability is now a thing of the past.

  • Raw Capacity: Up to 864 TB Raw
  • Effortless: Reduce management time by 90%
  • Efficient: Reduce capacity requirements by 50%
  • Bulletproof: Tier 1 features now in economy size
  • Futureproof: Grow with freedom in any direction
  • Price: Starting at $32,000
  • HP 3PAR 7000 Data Sheet
  • Exchange 2010 Solution with 3PAR 7400

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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450

All-flash array. No compromise: over 500,000 IOPS and Tier-1 features.

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HP P10000 3PAR Storage

HP 3PAR P10000 Storage is designed to deliver enterprise IT as a utility service in order to drive agility and efficiency in enterprise-class, virtual and cloud data centers.

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HP 3PAR F-Class Storage

Designed to overcome mid-range limitations, HP 3PAR
F-Class Storage Systems offer the industry’s first quad controller-capable mid-range storage systems for resilient utility and cloud computing.

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HP 3PAR Utility Storage Benefits

The next generation of Tier 1 storage, HP 3PAR Utility Storage delivers 100% of the agility and efficiency required by virtual and cloud data centers. Instant scalability and fast, just-in-time provisioning mean you can grow to meet the changing needs of your business quickly and cost-effectively. Multitenancy means you can support more groups, departments, or clients from a single consolidated storage system. Autonomic management means you no longer have to think about your storage. These unique benefits mean that now you can shift more resources away from operations and towards innovation that adds value to your business.

HP 3PAR Utility Storage is:

  • Efficient: Reduce acquisition and operational costs by 50%.
  • Autonomic: Increase storage management efficiency by 10x.
  • Multitenant: Support more clients with less infrastructure.

Autonomic Storage

It’s like breathing - you don’t even have to think about it. Simplify, automate, and expedite administration by handling storage provisioning, tiering, and management autonomically, intelligently, at a sub-system level, and without administrator intervention.

HP 3PAR Utility Storage delivers the following autonomic features:

  • Policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering technologies balance cost and performance to meet service level requirements for the lowest cost while increasing business agility and minimizing risk.
  • Autonomic provisioning and management simplifies and expedites common storage administration tasks while intelligent, granular automation eliminates array planning and reduces opportunity for human error.
  • Host-based software products reduce manual administration by offering autonomic performance and capacity utilization monitoring and by establishing secure, autonomic communication channels between storage and hosts.

Secure Multitenancy

Achieve higher service levels for more users and applications with less infrastructure. HP 3PAR Storage Systems are designed to securely and efficiently support multiple "tenants" - different groups of users from different departments or even different enterprises - as they run diverse workloads on a common storage system. Built into this architecture is the ability to maintain excellent service levels, high capacity utilization, and efficient operation while supporting multitenancy. The resulting alleviation of data center sprawl can reduce storage footprint by 50% or more.

Green Storage

Do more with less. HP 3PAR Storage Systems aren’t just designed to be more energy efficient - they are designed to be more efficient, period. Sure it’s good to recycle, and it’s even better to reuse. But the best approach is still to reduce. With HP 3PAR Utility Storage, you can meet business needs with 50% less capacity - guaranteed. With fewer disks to power and cool, less equipment to house, less hardware to downcycle after it has reached end of life, and a reduced carbon footprint, HP 3PAR Storage Systems provide an excellent foundation for your green data center initiatives.

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