Blacklight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



 What is Blacklight?

Blacklight is an asset discovery and configuration analysis solution that surfaces and provides context to unseen risks. It consists of a cloud-based management portal, and on-premise agents that identify assets on your network, analyze asset configuration states, report how configurations differ from established benchmarks, and provide misconfiguration risk scores in real-time. For more information on what Blacklight does, download our Blacklight Overview.

 What type of assets does Blacklight look for?

Blacklight identifies multiple types of assets on your network, including servers, routers, workstations, software, and mobile devices.

 How often do the Blacklight agents scan my networks?

Blacklight agents continuously monitor your networks so you always have an up-to-date list of devices and their configuration states. Agents run in the background on an hourly basis.

 How big are the Blacklight agents? Will they slow down my systems/machines?

Blacklight agents are designed to be lightweight, both in size and efficiency. You shouldn’t see a change in network performance during a scan.

 What benchmarks does Blacklight audit against?

Blacklight agents automatically audit against benchmarks certified by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), as well as any custom benchmarks defined by your company.

 Do I have to purchase additional hardware/software to deploy/run Blacklight?

No. Blacklight is a cloud-based solution so you do not need any additional hardware or software to run the management portal. The Blacklight agents come with their own installer packages if you wish to manually install the agents. You can also use your existing software deployment tools for a faster installation.

 Does Blacklight integrate with other solutions?

Yes, Blacklight integrates with ticketing systems, GRC platforms, and other management tools to further address risks from discovered assets and misconfigurations. Additionally, Blacklight integrates with Keylight, our GRC and integrated risk management platform, so you can include Blacklight findings in your overall risk program. For more information on this integration, download our Blacklight connector datasheet.

 What browser versions does Blacklight support?

Blacklight works on all modern browsers. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox or Apple Safari for the best user experience.

 Do I need to perform updates to Blacklight or the agents?

No. Since Blacklight is cloud-based, we handle all updates. The platform and agents automatically update so you always have the latest version.

 How much is Blacklight?

Blacklight and all of its functionality is offered as an annual subscription. Contact us for more information on pricing.

 Can I try Blacklight before I purchase a subscription?

Yes, you can use Blacklight’s cloud-based management portal and 25 agents risk-free for 14 days. To request your free trial, contact us.


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