Web Filtering


Stop Web-Based Threats

Web-based threats such as phishing, drive-by malware sites and botnets are more sophisticated and targeted than ever before, and with the rise of mobility in the workplace, even more difficult for you to control. The web has become the preferred medium of choice for hackers and thieves looking for new ways to disrupt services steal information and perform malicious activities for financial gain. In addition, employees who visit web sites containing objectionable content can expose your organization to civil or criminal liability.


Block Malicious Traffic

Integrated into all FortiGate® and FortiWifi™ appliances and FortiClient™ endpoint security agents, Fortinet Web Filtering technology gives you the option to explicitly allow web sites, or to pass web traffic uninspected both to and from known-good web sites in order to accelerate traffic flows. You can receive real-time updates from FortiGuard® Web Filtering Services to determine the category and rating of a specific URL. You can also easily add Web sites or URLs to the local URL filtering list using both text and regular expressions.


Intelligent Content Inspection

The Fortinet Web Filtering solution begins with traditional URL blocking lists, but goes further by expanding these methods and allowing their use in combination with other Fortinet security functions resident on all FortiGate consolidated security appliances. Fortinet's web content filtering technology enables a wide variety of actions to inspect, rate, and control perimeter web traffic at a granular level. Using Fortinet web content filtering technology, FortiGate appliances can classify and filter web traffic using multiple pre-defined and custom categories.


Unmatched Performance

To accelerate web traffic and content inspection, all FortiGate devices support Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) which allows the FortiGate to operate as a router or cache engine. Acting as a router, the FortiGate intercepts web browsing requests from client web browsers and forwards them to the cache engine. The cache engine then returns web content to the client as required. When operating as a WCCP cache server, the FortiGate can communicate with other WCCP routers to cache web content, returning requested content to client web browsers as needed.

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