Fortinet Services & Support

Fortinet FortiCare support offerings provide global support for all Fortinet products and services. Customer satisfaction and responsiveness is Fortinet's number one priority. With FortiCare support, customers can be assured that their Fortinet security products are performing optimally and protecting their corporate assets with the best security technology at the best possible price.

Fortinet offers end-users multiple options for FortiCare contracts so that they can obtain the right level of support for their organization's needs. Attractively priced options include 24x7 support with advanced hardware replacement, 8x5 support with enhanced Web features, Premium Support with technical account management, and Premium RMA support with enhanced service levels.

Additionally, Fortinet Professional Services can be engaged for projects with critical deadlines projects that are large in scope, or initial deployments.

FortiCare 24X7 Comprehensive Support

Customers who need round-the-clock access to mission critical support will find the 24x7 Comprehensive Support meets their requirements. In addition to online ticket access and online chat, 24x7 includes telephone support at any time day or night. 24x7 also includes an advanced hardware replacement RMA benefit so that customers can sustain high levels of availability.

FortiCare 8x5 Enhanced Support

Ideal for customers looking for written communication, Fortinet's FortiCare 8x5 Enhanced Support offering includes access to support services via the customer support web portal and online chat system. Together, these options will allow customers to have fast and easy written access to the technical answers they are looking for. Additionally, 8x5 enhanced support includes return and replace (3 Days) hardware suppor.

Note: In most countries, your Fortinet value-added reseller is ready to provide first-line support. The process for obtaining support is detailed in your support contract and is also available by logging into the FortiCare support portal.

FortiCare Premium Support

Fortinet Premium Support Services focus on several specific areas to enhance the value you receive: Proactive, Continuous Improvement and Collaboration. Our premium support delivers proactive service activity reporting, weekly, monthly or quarterly service reviews, dedicated support engineers and even on-site maintenance visits. Our objective is to identify and eliminate issues before the problems arise, determine how to prevent a reoccurrence, and collaborate with our customers to build long-term relationships that ultimately deliver a more effective and efficient support experience.

Premium Support is offered in three packages: Premium Support, Premium Support Gold and Premium Support Global Gold, each offering a different level of service. All these services are offered in addition to and not bound to the conditions of the standard FortiCare maintenance contracts that are applied to the hardware and software of the Fortinet products.

All Premium Support packages include the support of a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who is a seasoned professional with broad and deep experience in the security and networking arena. The TAM acts as the single point of contact and customer advocate within Fortinet, and is focused on building and maintaining a deep understanding of the customer business and their security requirements. The TAM is responsible for the quality of products delivered by Fortinet, and works closely with the customer to ensure that such implementations are correctly aligned with the customer needs.

FortiCare Premium RMA

Fortinet offers a range of Premium RMA services designed to exceed the most demanding support requirements from Fortune 500/Global 500 companies. As a market leader in this sector Fortinet delivers the ideal solution for critical and time sensitive installations around the world.

Both 8x5 Enhanced and 24x7 Comprehensive contracts can be upgraded to include one of the Premium RMA services. The three types of support are:

  • 4-Hour On-Site Engineer: Parts delivered onsite as well as an Engineer, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week within 4 hours of RMA approval by Fortinet support.
  • 4-Hour Courier: Parts only delivered onsite 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week within 4 hours of RMA approval by Fortinet support.
  • Next-Day Delivery: Parts only delivered next day following RMA approval by Fortinet support.

Premium RMA is available in select locations. Your Fortinet value-added reseller can provide more details.

Professional Services

Many times companies have large projects or implementations that require expert technical resources to meet deadlines, and to effectively complete a Fortinet product implementation with minimal issues. Fortinet Professional Services are designed to ensure timely and expert delivery of individual customer projects and may be engaged at any time throughout the project lifecycle.

Fortinet Professional Services consultants are available at a per-day rate according to a predefined schedule and a statement of work defining clear deliverables. This is developed and agreed upon between Fortinet and the customer prior to commencement of the consulting engagement. Experienced Fortinet consultants will work directly with the customer to ensure the efficient execution of the project according to the statement of work agreement.

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