Stonesoft MIL-320

The Stonesoft MIL-320 Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliance is designed for extreme environments which go beyond the power of traditional security appliances. For instance, the MIL-320 is a perfect fit for military organizations with increasing demand for networks and applications for their command, control and administration of deployed forces. Signals and network defense specialists in the modern military are required to facilitate distributed operations with robust, secure, high-performance networks enabling situational awareness, collaborative working, and office tools in the field. All of these expectations can be met with the MIL-320.

The MIL-320 is truly hardened for reliable operation in extreme temperatures, wet, mud and dust. The MIL-320 is compact and portable, still indestructible and resistant to bumps and shocks being ideal for mobile military deployments. Thanks to the black and military green outfit options it may be deployed indistinguishable from the surroundings.

Operational efficiency and flexibility

Based on the common Unified Software Core and Security Management Center (SMC), like other our products, the MIL-320 is transformable for different security roles such as Firewall/VPN, Next Generation Firewall, Layer 2 Firewall and IPS.
For advanced threat detection all our products utilize thorough data stream based normalization and inspection across all protocols and network layers – to efficiently detect and prevent AETs and prevent perimeter penetration.

Centralized control offered through the SMC complements the security solution, which is often geographically distributed or even mobile. Regardless of the network complexity and size the SMC administrators can get a continuous and full network visibility in a clear visual format. Fast and accurate operations are enabled by automated workflows, which streamline the processes. Dynamic updates and centrally managed upgrades help to maximize the network security level at all times.

Stonesoft MIL-320 Specifications

Maximum performance L3 FW/VPN L2 FW / IPS / IDS
(UDP 1514 byte packets, no inspection)
2 Gbps 2 Gbps
(UDP 1514 byte packets, with inspection)
800 Mbps 800 Mbps
64 byte packets per second
(no inspection)
370 000 370 000
HTTP inspection (21 kB payload) 200 Mbps 200 Mbps
SSL/TLS inspection throughput (AES256-SHA) 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
New TCP connections/sec
(no inspection)
25 000 25 000
New inspected HTTP connections/sec (21 kB payload) 1 500 1 500
Concurrent connections 5 million 5 million
Inspected concurrent connections 180 000 180 000
VLANs Unlimited  
VPN throughput (AES-128-GCM) 450 Mbps  
VPN throughput (AES-256-SHA2) 240Mbps  
VPN tunnels 15 000  
Virtual Engines (default/max) 5/5  
Network interfaces  
Ethernet 4x 10/100/1000 Mbps  copper WLAN support: * IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n * 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz bands * WEP / WPA security
Ethernet RJ45 (-C1 model) or Glenair 801 (-C2 model)
USB 2 x USB2
Serial 1 x RJ45
WLAN antenna 2 x TNC
Power 1 x MIL-C-5015 JMS3116F12-3S
Display 1 x VGA (-C1 model only)
Form factor Desktop
Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 x 68 x 250 mm / 10.63 x 2.68 x 9.84 inches
Net weight 4.25 kg / 9.34 lbs
Standard compliance  
  CE, FCC,  RoHS (–C1 model)
  MIL-STD 461E Requirements: CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102, RS103
  IEC 60068-2-1 Aa (Cold)
  IEC 60068-2-2 Bb (Dry heat)
  EN 60068-2-30 Dd (Damp heat cyclic)
  IEC 60529 Casing (IP65)
  IEC 60068-2-6 Fc: Sinusoidal Vibration (1.5 G)
  IEC 60068-2-64 Fc: Random Vibration (1.5 G ) RMS
  IEC 60068-2-32 Ed: Drop (75 cm)
  IEC 60068-2-27 Ea: Shock (50 G)
  IEC 60068-2-29 Eb: Bump (25 G, 16 ms)
Power supply DC input: 10 - 32V, Default external PSU: 60W, AC 100-240 V, 50-60Hz
Typical power consumption 25 W (with heating element up to 85W)
Operating temperature -25—+55°C / -13—+131°F (for arctic environments 90W PSU required)
Storage temperature -40—+60°C / -40—+140°F
Ingress Protection class IP65 (Complete protection against dust and very good protection against water)
Standard color options Matt green (AN100) Matt black  (inquiry availability)
Replacement service 15 months or 39 months replacement service for non-complying hardware
Premium support 24/7-call logging via web, email and phone, two-hour response time, software updates, hardware replacement service
Basic support 8/5-call logging via web, email and phone, next business day response time, software updates, hardware replacement service
Product codes  
APP-MIL-320-C1 Stonesoft MIL-320  appliance, DC power supply, VGA, RJ-45 Ethernet connectors
APP-MIL-320-C2 Stonesoft MIL-320  appliance, DC power supply, MIL-STD Ethernet connectors
Add-on product codes  
SP-SPU-AC-320 External AC power supply 90W (no ingress protection)
SP-CBL-RJ45-MM-2M 2 meter gigabit Ethernet cable RJ45 -- Glenair 801 connectors
SP-ANT-WLAN-2 2.4Ghz WLAN vehicle antennas for MIL-320 appliance

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