Stonesoft 5206

The Stonesoft 5206 appliance is a versatile and modular Security Engine (NGN)-powered solution designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements of high-end data centers and large network central sites. It can be used in a Firewall/VPN role (Layer 3) for secure routing, NAT, and IPsec VPN gateway purposes. It can be used in an IPS role (Layer 2) in an IDS deployment or an Inline IPS deployment, or in a Layer 2 Firewall role. All of these roles are available with a single unified software image and adapt just by changing the configuration.

In the Firewall/VPN role, the Stonesoft 5206 appliance provides high performance with unique clustering capabilities for up to 16 nodes. This provides very high IPsec VPN speeds, as well as high-performance content and application inspection where needed.

In the IPS and Layer 2 Firewall roles, the Security Engine becomes transparent to surrounding network devices. The inline IPS and Layer 2 Firewall combine flexible deployment, AET-ready network security, and application control into one dedicated appliance.

The rock solid, future-proof platform

The Stonesoft 5206 is built on the platform of the Stonesoft Security Engine (NGN). It can transform its role as your organization grows and your needs change. A unified design, and the ability to make deployment changes remotely and automatically via license, helps to cut operating costs and eliminate unnecessary future capital investment rounds.

Configuring and administering the 5206 with the Stonesoft Management Center (SMC) provides additional resource and OPEX benefits. SMC gives you the ability to automate workflows, easily define policies across your entire infrastructure, swiftly define and deliver advanced visualizations, and have a continuously excellent level of situational awareness. This helps security administrators efficiently minimize the risk from cyber threats while empowering productivity.

Stonesoft 5206 Specifications

Maximum performance L3 FW/VPN L2 FW / IPS / IDS
(UDP 1514 byte packets, no inspection)
120 Gbps 120 Gbps
(UDP 1514 byte packets, with inspection)
30 Gbps 30 Gbps
64 byte packets per second
(no inspection)
40 million 40 million
HTTP inspection (21 kB payload) 10 Gbps 10 Gbps
SSL/TLS inspection throughput (AES256-SHA) 3.3 Gbps 3.3 Gbps
New TCP connections/sec
(no inspection)
300 000 300 000
New inspected HTTP connections/sec (21 kB payload) 50 000 50 000
Concurrent connections
(no inspection)
30 million 30 million
Concurrent connections
(with inspection)
12 million 12 million
VLANs Unlimited Unlimited
VPN throughput (AES-128-GCM) 18 Gbps  
VPN tunnels 200 000  
Concurrent mVPN Clients Unlimited  
Virtual Engines (default/max) * 10/250  
Network interfaces  
Fixed 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps copper
Module slots 6 (Available modules listed at the product codes section)
Connectors  4 x USB, 1 x serial, VGA, IPMI Ethernet
Form factor 3U 19” rack unit
Dimensions (W x H x D) 437 x 132 x 648 mm / 17.2 x 5.2 x 25.5 inches 
Net weight 23.8 kg / 52.47 lbs (without modules)
Gross weight 34.8kg  / 75.62 lbs (without modules)
Safety/EMC certifications  
  CE, FCC, CB, Gost-R, RoHS
Power supply 1+1 Redundant 800W + 800W, AC Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Typical power consumption 300-500 W
Operating temperature/humidity +10—+35°C (+50—+95°F) 8%—90%, non condensing humidity (RH)
Storage temperature/humidity -40—+70°C (-40—+158°F) 5%—95%, non condensing humidity (RH)
MTBF 100 000 hours
Rack mounting Rack kit for 68 – 92 cm / 26.8 – 36.2 inches deep rack included by default
Replacement service 15 months or 39 months replacement service for non-complying hardware
Premium support 24/7-call logging via web, email and phone, two-hour response time, software updates, hardware replacement service
Basic support 8/5-call logging via web, email and phone, next business day response time, software updates, hardware replacement service
Product codes **  
APP-FW-5206-C1 Stonesoft Firewall/VPN 5206 appliance
APP-IPS-5206-C1 Stonesoft IPS/IDS 5206 appliance
APP-NGN-5206-C1 Stonesoft 5206 Security Engine
Feature pack codes  
FP-1Y-AS-16 One year Antispam subscription for 5206 appliance
FP-1Y-AV-18 One year Antivirus subscription for 5206 appliance
FP-1Y-WF2-205 One year Web filtering subscription for 5206 appliance
FP-1Y-UTM-14 One year UTM subscription bundle (AV, AS, WF) for 5206 appliance
FP-FW-FDPI-7 Full deep inspection for FW-5206
FP-NGN-VE-250 Virtual Engine feature pack license 11-250 for NGN-5206
FP-NGN-VE-25-UPG Virtual Engine feature pack license 11-25 for NGN-5206
FP-NGN-VE-50-UPG       Virtual Engine feature pack upgrade license 26-50 for NGN-5206
FP-NGN-VE-100-UPG Virtual Engine feature pack upgrade license 51-100 for NGN-5206
FP-NGN-VE-250-UPG Virtual Engine feature pack upgrade license 101-250 for NGN-5206
Interface modules  
MOD-EM1-GE-8  Eight Port Gigabit Ethernet Copper Module
MOD-EM1-GE-SFP-4  Quad Port SFP Gigabit Ethernet Module
MOD-EM1-10G-SFP-2  Dual Port SFP+ 10GB Module
MOD-EM1-GE-4-B Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Copper Bypass Module
MOD-EM1-GE-SX-4-B Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Fiber (SX) Bypass Module
MOD-EM1-10G-SR-2-B Dual Port Fiber (SR) 10GB Bypass Module
MOD-EM1-10G-LR-2-B Dual Port Fiber (LR) 10GB Bypass Module
Add-on product codes  
APP-RACK2-3200 Rack mounting kit for 50 – 68 cm / 19.7-26.8 inches  deep rack
SP-PSU-DC-5200 DC  power supply for 5200 series appliance

* Available only with NGN license ** -R license codes are without strong encryption (DES only)

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