Safely enabling applications, users and content in IPv6 environments

Organizations can deploy consistent safe application enablement policies across both IPv6, IPv4 and mixed environments.

Consistent user-based policies across IPv6 and IPv4 environments.

Organizations that are implementing an IPv6 infrastructure can deploy the same user-based enablement policies that have been deployed in their IPv4 environments. IPv6-based applications and content can be classified, controlled, inspected, monitored and logged, just as they are in IPv4 environments. IPv6 user information can be captured from all of the User-ID supported directories and terminal services as well as captive portal and the XML API. In addition, the SSL encrypted User-ID to firewall communications protocol supports IPv6.

Flexible deployment options simplify network integration.

Support for virtual wire, layer 2, or layer 3 deployment modes for both IPv6 and IPv4 environments provides organization with flexible network integration options. Additional networking features include:

  • Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) informs hosts of the IPv6 prefixes needed for address configuration.
  • NAT64 translates source and destination IP headers between IPv6 and IPv4.
  • IPv6 over IPsec between IPv4 endpoints.
  • High availability control, data link and path monitoring.

Management and administrative consistency between IPv6 and IPv4.

When configuring management and administrative services, firewall managers can enter either IPv6 or IPv4 addresses.

  • Management services supported include: RADIUS, Syslog, DNS, User-ID agents, LDAP, SNMP, SCP, FTP, SSH, URL filtering service, Panorama (device to Panorama connectivity), and service route configuration.
  • Administrative services supported include: admin authentication sources, NTP, Panorama, logging and alerting (syslog, SNMP, email), and PBF next-hop monitoring of IPv6 addresses.

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