Government Agencies

Problem: Government agencies represent some of the most challenging IT security environments in the world today. New applications and rapidly evolving Internet behaviors present new opportunities for agencies to become more efficient and effective, but also introduces serious risks if these technologies are not properly secured and managed. At the same time, agencies are under attack from all types of attackers, running the gamut from politically motivated hackers to highly organized cyber-espionage campaigns. IT teams are thus faced with unenviable challenge of securely enabling a new breed of applications while simultaneously repelling attacks on multiple fronts.

Solution: Palo Alto Networks solutions are built on truly unique technology that provides the key to solving both of these challenges. Our next-generation firewalls provide deep and granular control of applications, users and content, which allows IT teams to gain the benefits of new applications, while blocking the features and functions that introduce risk. Our firewalls build on this deep visibility and control by providing a truly integrated approach to threat prevention that includes IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering, file controls, content scanning and even the detection and prevention of unknown and targeted malware.

The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall meets many 3rd party validation requirements for products used in government agencies, including Common Criteria and FIPS validation. In addition, Palo Alto Networks products are listed on the Department of Defense Unified Capabilities Approved Product List.

Safely enable modern applications.

Government IT security teams are increasingly being tasked with supporting a variety of Web 2.0 applications such as webmail, social networking sites, web-based and file transfer applications just to name a few. Our solutions allow you to define and enforce acceptable use of these applications, while retaining the ability to closely inspect all allowed traffic for threats and data leakage.

Integrated defense from cyber-threats

Our next-generation firewalls provide unique visibility and control over the techniques that cyber-attackers use to hide from traditional network security including use of non-standard channels, proxied connections, tunneled traffic, and a variety of circumventors and anonymizers. With visibility assured, we then scan all traffic for exploits, malware, dangerous URLs, unapproved files or content and even targeted or unknown malware.

Granular control based on application, user and content.

Government agencies often need to support a wide variety of users with very different trust levels including contractors, civilian employees and even other agencies. Palo Alto Networks gives you the control to provide the level of access that is appropriate to a user's role without giving too much. Databases, applications and entire zones of the network can easily be segmented and controlled to ensure your organization shares the information that it needs to share, yet protects the information it needs to protect.

Enable public and private cloud computing.

Before agencies can take advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of cloud-based applications, we must ensure that these deployments can be properly secured. Palo Alto Networks firewalls provide the all-important tools needed to safely enable these applications and deployments, by providing strong and granular segmentation options based on application, user and content. Specific users or user groups can be allowed specific access to data, applications and even particular features to ensure that applications and data are accessed appropriately. The content can be monitored for threats as well as data leakage in both directions to ensure that cloud computing does not create an opening in the agency's security posture.

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