Distributed Enterprise

Problem: Your organization is more distributed than ever before. In addition to the traditional centralized corporate headquarters, an enterprise like yours will encompass smaller branch offices, employees who work remotely from home, or roaming users who need to remain productive while in the field. In fact, your users may move from one location to another within the span of a single business day. While this flexibility has enabled new gains in productivity, it has also led to dangerous inconsistencies and compromises in terms of your information security.

Solution: Palo Alto Networks delivers a consistent approach to network security based on applications, users and content that spans the full reach of your organization. Your end-users are always protected by the full power of the next-generation firewall regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, management and reporting for all locations can be centralized, freeing your IT team from the unnecessary overhead of managing multiple "one-off" security solutions.

Consistent security across all platforms

Palo Alto Networks has designed all of its hardware platforms to deliver on the full functionality of the industry's only true next-generation firewall. All platforms, from the top end PA-5000 Series to the PA-200 designed for enterprise branch offices, share an identical approach to App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID. All platforms are built on a consistent architecture that provides dedicated resources to both the data and control planes for high-speed security and manageability. While policies may vary from location to location, the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall platform ensures that your IT security team never has to settle for less at any point across the network.

Always-on protection for mobile users

More employees are working outside of the office, whether on the road, at home or from the local coffee shop. GlobalProtect keeps roaming users logically connected to the enterprise network (and protected by network policy) even when they are physically removed from the office. GlobalProtect provides a transparent agent that ensures all the visibility, control and threat prevention of the next-generation firewall applies consistently to all enterprise traffic. GlobalProtect provides coverage for today's most popular computing platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, allowing organizations to embrace new devices safely.

GlobalProtect offers additional licensable policy controls that can check the configuration of the endpoint itself to ensure that it is in compliance with corporate standards. It can detect if the operating system has the proper patches, if the antivirus software is up to date, and if disk encryption is enabled. GlobalProtect integrates these controls with the next-generation firewall, making it possible to restrict access to sensitive applications if the user's endpoint needs remediation. Combined with the next-generation application, user and content controls, your security team gains greater precision and flexibility to design the ideal security policy for your enterprise.

Centralized visibility and control over all locations

Panorama provides centralized visibility and management for all of your Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. From a central location, your administrators can gain insight into applications, users and content traversing the firewalls controlled by Panorama, thus maximizing protection and control, while minimizing administrative efforts. Analysis, reporting and forensics can be performed with the aggregated data over time, or against more recent data delivered in an on-demand manner.

Palo Alto Networks adheres to a management philosophy that emphasizes consistency, no matter which management mechanism is being used, whether through Panorama, the device user interface, or the command line interface (CLI). The management interface for Panorama and each individual device shares the same web-based look and feel, minimizing any learning curve or delay in executing the task at hand.

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