Clearwell Processing & Analysis Module: E-Discovery Processing, Analyses, Search, First-Pass Review, & Export

The Clearwell Processing & Analysis Module provides the ability to rapidly and accurately filter, process, search, and analyze data in multiple formats and languages. Using Clearwell, corporations, government agencies, and law firms perform early case assessments and rapidly cull down data, thereby reducing overall e-discovery costs. As an integrated part of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, the Processing & Analysis Module supports the iterative workflows required during real-world e-discovery, delivering deep insight into case facts and enabling a new level of transparency and defensibility throughout the e-discovery process. The key features of Clearwell's eDiscovery processing and analysis module includes:

E-Discovery Processing

Advanced Pre-Processing Filters

Enable users to interactively filter data by custodian, date, strong file type, and file size prior to processing. Clearwell also provides one-click filtering of custom file and "NIST list" items, significantly reducing downstream processing and review costs.

Clearwell Processing

See how Clearwell rapidly and accurately processes documents.

Pre-Processing Analytics

Visually summarize overall document set characteristics and presents detailed analysis by custodian, timeline, and file type. This rapidly confirms that all case data has been collected and allows for accurate estimation of electronic discovery budgets and timelines.

Rapid Processing

Utilizes a high-performance architecture to process and intelligently deduplicate documents at rates of up to 1 TB per day.

Robust File Support

Processes and analyzes over 400 different file types from data stores and network file shares including Microsoft Office and PDF documents, various email formats such as PST, NSF, MBOX, OST, and EMLX, attachments, and Guidance Software LEF and EO1 files. Translates text in image files to searchable content with integrated OCR and identifies over 40 types of hidden content.

Multi-Language Support

Provides full Unicode compliance and supports English and Western European, Eastern European, Cyrillic, and Asian languages. Clearwell also enables automatic language identification of documents and provides exact document counts by language type across the entire data set.

E-Discovery Analysis

Discussion Threads

Utilize patented algorithms to dynamically link together all related messages into chronological threads that capture entire discussions, including all replies, carbon copies, blind carbon copies, and forwards. This enables users to quickly identify all participants and determine who knew what and when.

Find Similar

Allows reviewers to easily identify and view emails, attachments, and loose files with similar content to the document under review using a dynamically configurable similarity threshold. Reviewing similar documents together accelerates the review process and ensures greater tag consistency.

Clearwell Analysis

See how Clearwell enables more effective early case assessments.

Reviewing similar documents together accelerates the review process and ensures greater tag consistency.

Topic Classification

Utilizes patent-pending linguistic algorithms to automatically organize documents into specific topics, enabling users to quickly analyze all documents related to a particular subject.

People Analytics

Analyze individual and group-to-group communications within a company or to customers, suppliers, and partners. Users can easily access a list of top custodians for a search or monitor communications between divisions.

Term Analytics

Leverage natural language algorithms to analyze noun phrases, which help users uncover secret project names and code words that may be relevant to a case or investigation.

Near-Duplicate Identification

Allows reviewers to easily identify, view, compare, and tag near-duplicate emails, attachments, and loose files. Near-Duplicate documents can be compared with differences automatically highlighted.

E-Discovery Search

Clearwell Transparent Search

See how Clearwell ensures the defensibility of e-discovery search.

Transparent Search

Delivers a set of search features that enables a more collaborative and defensible e-discovery search process.

A. Search Preview

Provides visibility into matching keyword variations prior to running a search. Users can selectively include relevant variations or exclude false positive variations from their search query, thereby adding relevant documents and removing irrelevant documents from search results.

B. Search Filters

Enable real-time search result filtering for individual queries or variations and allow users to sample the filtered documents to evaluate the effectiveness of their search as recommended by The Sedona Conference®.

C. Search Report

Creates a comprehensive report that documents all search criteria and provides detailed analytics of the results for both the overall search and the individual queries within the search. The report tracks search terms that were included and excluded during search preview, providing a defensible audit trail of search refinement decisions.

Multi-Keyword Search

Delivers the ability to run up to 100 queries simultaneously, dramatically decreasing the time needed to evaluate the effectiveness of keyword searches.

Advanced Search

Provides the ability to construct advanced searches based on numerous metadata and derived fields. It supports both stemmed and unstemmed (literal) searches and provides power-user capabilities including Boolean, wildcard, fuzzy, and nested proximity searches.

Clearwell Concept Search

See how Clearwell ensures the defensibility of e-discovery search.

Transparent Concept Search

Delivers a set of features that enables a more defensible, interactive, and accurate concept search process:

A. Concept Search Preview

Allows users to contextually refine the concept search by previewing the most frequently occurring terms and selecting only the relevant ones.

B. Concept Search Explorer

Provides a visual interface that enables users to dynamically construct searches by exploring terms and linking them to form comprehensive and relevant concepts.

C. Concept Search Report

Concept Search Report: Automatically documents the related terms included in each concept search and provides detailed analytics of search results.


Automatically group search results by metadata fields such as tag, sender domain, document type, custodian, and language type and display exact hit counts across the entire search result set for every filter.

E-Discovery First-Pass Review & Export

Optimized Review Interface

Delivers an HTML review interface that maximizes screen real estate and minimizes mouse clicks to increase review throughput. Dual monitor support, breadcrumb navigation, and thumbnail view allow reviewers to quickly navigate through document sets.

Decision-Tree Tagging

Creates the ability to tag individual or sets of documents using a multi-layer tree structure. This directs reviewers into key decision points, preventing errors and minimizing the number of clicks needed to accurately tag a document.

Load File Configurator

Provides customizable load file creation during export. Expanded options allow for multiple metadata formats CSV, DAT, EDRM XML, as well as Concordance Relativity®, and Summation® load files.

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