Clearwell Identification & Collection Module

Clearwell Identification & Collection ModuleClearwell Identification & Collection:See how Clearwell collects data easily and defensibly.

The Clearwell Identification & Collection Module was designed to enable IT and Legal teams in corporations, government agencies, and law firms to easily identify and defensibly collect data from across the enterprise.

The Module identifies and collects data from critical data sources including Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, and Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)/Office 365, desktops, laptops, network shares and other applications in the cloud without requiring agents to be deployed. Since the Module is part of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, users have one seamless application that preserves data integrity and the chain of custody across the entire e-discovery lifecycle, quickly allows data to be available for early case assessments and review, and enables a truly iterative e-discovery workflow.

Key features of the Identification & Collection Module include:


Interactive Data Map

Enables users to interactively build a map of custodians and data sources so they can quickly identify all the potential sources of data for a particular matter. Data sources can be searched and browsed by group, custodian, or data source type. Changes to the map can be made directly and immediately using intuitive and user-friendly Web-based interface.


Network Collector

Collects data to a preservation data store directly over the network. Collections are easily configured and initiated by browsing to specific data sources and folders using Clearwell's graphical user interface.

On-site Collector

Allows secure on-site collections from laptops, PCs, and files shares onto any external hard drive when network collection is not feasible. No end user interaction is required other than simply double-clicking an execution file, making self-collections fast and easy. Configuration parameters provide the flexibility to copy the data onto a pre-defined network location or a USB drive.

Metadata Filters

Enables targeted collections by filtering via metadata fields such as owner/author, date range and file type. Users can specify criteria via a point-and-click interface, eliminating the need for any scripting or programming.

Keyword Filters

Provides the ability to filter collections by keywords. Administrators have the option to leverage existing source indices to utilize federated search-enabled keyword collections from data sources behind the firewall or in the cloud.

Enterprise Vault Direct Collector*

Enables collection from Enterprise Vault at scale using the only direct collector certified by Symantec and the collection management console, accelerating collections and avoiding archive performance degradation.

Enterprise Vault Collection Filters*

Enables targeted collections from Enterprise Vault by providing metadata and keyword filters that use the archive’s existing index and Data Classification Services tags. Users can specify collection criteria via a point-and-click interface, eliminating the need for any scripting or programming.

Preserve in Enterprise Vault*

Enables information in Enterprise Vault to be preserved in the controlled environment of the archive, eliminating the need to copy and move information for preservation, and reducing risk.

Extended SharePoint Collections

Allows users to collect the full range of SharePoint document types including blogs, wikis, calendar items, announcements, discussions and surveys, and render them in context.

Collection Filters

Target collections by filtering via multiple options, such as owner/author, date range, and file type, without scripting or programming.

Collection Scheduler

Automatically schedules network collections to run at a user-defined time and date, providing flexibility while also freeing administrative resources. Collection throttling capabilities ensure that server loads are managed and optimized.

Incremental Collections

Collect only new or modified data using the same collection parameters as the original collection on a recurring basis, saving users time from having to set-up follow-on collections from scratch.

Collection Templates

Save commonly-used collection settings, including specific directories, filters, preservation stores, and custodian assignments, for reuse during future collections, streamlining the collections process.

Data Verification

Automatically performs separate MD5 hashes of every file before and after collection while preserving all metadata, ensuring every collection is always forensically sound and defensible. Reporting is available on all files collected as well as every file filtered out.

Collection History

Automatically records collection details for every custodian and data source, including the volume of data collected and the time and status of the collection, providing real-time visibility into the collections process.

Microsoft RMS Environment Support

Automatically interfaces with Microsoft Rights Management System (RMS) environments to securely decrypt and collect documents on the fly.

eDiscovery Collections Analytics

Collection Analytics: Provide a complete portfolio of analytical charts and tables that offer real-time visibility into the status of the collection.

Collection Analytics

Provide a complete portfolio of analytical charts and tables that displays volumes and types of data that have been collected by custodian. Charts and tables can be easily exported in CSV or XLS formats and offer real-time visibility into what's been collected or missing, facilitating immediate remediation critical for defensibility.

* We plan to make the Enterprise Vault direct collector, Enterprise Vault collection filters and Preserve in Enterprise Vault feature set for the Identification & Collection Module available in a future release on a when and if available basis in a general release to all customers.

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