Exchange eDiscovery: Ensure a Comprehensive, Proactive Environment

Legal matters, internal investigations, regulatory audits, and HR requests routinely require individuals to locate and secure relevant electronically stored information (ESI). Forrester estimates that 75% of these eDiscovery activities involve a company’s email and their associated attachments as part of the responsive ESI set. In many cases, relevant emails sit inside the company’s exchange server. Traditional Exchange eDiscovery approaches are manual and expensive, exposing companies to delays and the risk that critical emails are overlooked. Frequently, far more emails are collected and reviewed than necessary, exposing the company to massive, unnecessary costs.

The Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager extends the in-house eDiscovery capabilities of the Kazeon Information Server to include emails actively stored inside Microsoft Exchange.

For the first time, companies can implement a comprehensive, proactive eDiscovery-ready environment that ensures critical messages sitting inside their Exchange server(s) are quickly found alongside other relevant ESI when responding to corporate governance, litigation, or regulatory inquiries.

Automatically Discover and Classify Exchange Server Emails

The Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager rapidly identifies and catalogs email header information (e.g. MailTo, MailFrom, Subject, CC and BCC) and the actual text content of the email and attachments. Key words contained within an email—purchase order numbers, first/last names, dates and patterns (e.g. credit card and social security numbers)—can easily be identified in less than a second. In addition, the entire full text of documents and emails can be classified.

Companies have the option of identifying and cataloging the entire Exchange server or targeting specific mailboxes and/or folders. For example, if the scope, breadth and depth of the matter is well known, then paralegals, compliance officers, and Exchange administrators can simply point the Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager to the known mailboxes and specify the relevant date range (e.g. 5 mailboxes for specific custodians from January 1, 2007 through June 15, 2007). If uncertainty exists as to where the responsive emails may reside, users can identify and catalog all emails on the Exchange server.

Run Reports and Take Action: De-Duplicate, Cull Irrelevant, and Preserve Responsive Emails

Combined with the Kazeon Information Server, the Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager is the industry’s only product to integrate action workflows. Users can run reports and then take action directly from the user interface. Duplicate emails can be quickly discarded. Irrelevant emails can be identified with a comprehensive set of reports based on email header information (e.g. MailTo, MailFrom, Subject and CC) and email addresses (broken into their individual user name and domain components). For example, if a particular matter involves email exchanges between an employee and a company with an email domain of, Kazeon can quickly remove all other email domains knowing they are not relevant to the matter at hand.

Responsive emails to an ongoing investigation or legal matter can then be preserved in-place with a legal hold or copied (with a retention policy added) to a compliant storage resource. Emails remain in their native format and metadata integrity is maintained to ensure chain of custody is preserved and spoliation does not occur.

Easily Conduct Searches

Users can access a familiar search interface to conduct email searches for review and analysis. Email header information, keywords, phrases, boolean operators, wildcard, fuzzy and proximity searches are all supported by the Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager. For example, legal departments can rapidly find and review potentially responsive information pertinent to a case. HR managers may search for emails relevant to an employee dispute. Compliance managers may respond to regulatory audit requests, finding information requested or demonstrating that information is secure.

Kazeon’s email threading feature links together all related email messages and provides a chronological thread of the entire email discussion, including all replies, forwards, CC’s and BCC’s. By viewing the thread, users can quickly identify all of the participants, who knew what, and when they knew it.

Export to Third-Party Applications

The Kazeon eDiscovery Exchange Manager can export all responsive emails for production via third-party eDiscovery production tools that are used by outside counsel and by external service providers conducting review and analysis, for matter production. Emails can be exported in native formats via .zip or .pst containers. Reports can be exported in .csv format. All emails can be password-protected.


  • Identify and collect emails from the entire Exchange server(s) or select specific mailboxes and folders
  • Preserve responsive emails and attachments to compliant storage
  • Delete duplicate and cull irrelevant emails by custodian, domain and date range
  • Run reports and conduct searches based on extracted email header information (e.g. MailTo, MailFrom, Subject, CC) and the full-text of the email and attachments
  • Review and analyze emails, tagging individual emails with labels such as “privileged,” “nonresponsive,” “responsive” and “case number”
  • Download responsive emails to a PST or ZIP file
  • Export email results to a CSV or XML file


  • Save up to 80% on eDiscovery (e.g. litigation support, information security and privacy and compliance) labor and processing costs
  • React to pressing matters by targeting specific mailboxes and folders within a date range
  • Build a proactive, standardized “eDiscovery-ready” environment, regularly indexing your Exchange server(s)
  • Perform early case assessments within minutes and set legal holds
  • Quickly find and cull down emails within Exchange, eliminating duplicate and irrelevant emails and attachments
  • Comply with amended FRCP guidelines
  • Reduce your exposure to risk, fines, and sanctions

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