Enterprise Vault Management: Increase Relevancy, Reduce Risks & Cut Costs

Over 90% of a company’s information—including intellectual property, product plans, customer information, sales forecasts, and personnel records—resides in documents and emails somewhere on the network. This information is increasing at over 50% per year and is usually stored independent of its value and risk to the business.

At the same time, laws and regulations continue to reinforce the need for companies to implement effective eDiscovery processes. Regulations such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2007, the PCI DSS, and others have turned the protection of non-public information (NPI) into a requirement. Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have made it clear that courts are increasingly intolerant of eDiscovery errors and omissions.

As a result, companies are recognizing the need to have a plan in place for eDiscovery to mitigate risk. The Kazeon eDiscovery Enterprise Vault Manager extends the in-house eDiscovery capabilities of the Kazeon Information Server to include Symantec Enterprise Vault which provides an integral component to an overall eDiscovery solution. For the first time, companies can implement a comprehensive, proactive eDiscovery-ready environment that identifies responsive documents and emails that are stored unsecured and which are at risk across the enterprise (e.g. datacenters, remote offices, laptops, and desktops) and automatically captures this information into EV. From one actionable interface, companies can respond quickly to multiple eDiscovery requests by running reports and conducting searches. The result is higher relevancy, more predictable costs, and a lower risk profile.


  • Identify and collect documents and emails located all over the enterprise including file servers, networked storage, remote office servers, laptops, and desktops
  • Set policies to secure responsive documents and emails into Enterprise Vault (EV)
  • Run reports and conduct searches from one actionable interface based on extracted metadata, email header information, as well as the full text of documents, emails, and attachments
  • Delete duplicate and cull irrelevant documents and emails by custodian, date range, and key words
  • Review and analyze by tagging individual documents and emails with labels such as “privileged”, “nonresponsive” and “responsive”
  • Download responsive documents and emails to PST or ZIP file
  • Export results to a CSV or XML file


  • Save up to 80% on eDiscovery (e.g. litigation support, information security, and privacy and compliance) labor and processing costs
  • Respond quickly to urgent matters and conduct rapid EV searches
  • Build a proactive, standardized eDiscovery-ready environment, regularly scanning for business records that should be moved into EV
  • Perform early case assessments within minutes and set legal holds
  • Comply with amended FRCP guidelines
  • Reduce your exposure to risk, fines and sanctions

Automatically Discover & Classify Documents and Emails

The Kazeon Information Server can select specific file and email resources or automatically discover information from throughout the company by rapidly identifying and indexing over 400 data formats. These formats include:

  • Files: standard formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PPT, PDF) and industry-specific types (e.g. DICOM for healthcare)
  • Emails: PST, OST, EML, MSG, Journaling, Archives, Native Exchange, Notes, SMTP-based mail

File metadata (e.g. owner, creation date, last accessed date, file size, etc.) and the actual text content of the file or email are cataloged. Key words contained in a document or email—such as purchase order numbers, first/last names, dates, and patterns (such as credit card and social security numbers)—can be easily identified in less than a second. In addition, the entire full text of documents and emails can be classified for reporting and search.

Take Action to Enforce Compliance Policies: Automatically Ingest and Secure Documents and Emails into Enterprise Vault

The Kazeon eDiscovery Enterprise Vault Manager automates the process of controlling confidential information by creating business policies that automatically secure confidential documents and emails into EV at regularly scheduled intervals. For example, if an email is found within a PST file that contains a corporate credit card number, a policy can be set to automatically copy or move this information into EV for security reasons. Important business records that might reside within a folder on a file share can also be secured to EV based on pre-built policies.

Easily Conduct Searches

Users can access a familiar search interface to conduct EV document and email searches. Keywords, phrases, boolean operators, wildcard, fuzzy, and proximity searches are all supported. For example, legal departments can rapidly find and review potentially responsive information pertinent to a case. HR managers may search for emails relevant to an employee dispute. Compliance managers may respond to regulatory audit requests, finding information requested or demonstrating that information is secure.

Generate a Comprehensive Set of Reports

Over 35 pre-built report templates can be used to quickly generate reports, or if preferred, custom reports can be easily created. For example, custodian, duplicate file, and date range reports can be leveraged by paralegals and litigation support specialists conducting eDiscovery. Access pattern reports help compliance officers understand which documents and emails contain non-public information (NPI).

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