Enterprise Information Access: Comprehensive, Robust Solutions

As the workforce has transitioned to knowledge workers, corporations’ information assets have grown steadily. As a result, the volume of electronically stored information (ESI) has increased. With today’s mobile technology, knowledge workers roam freely and work where it is convenient—whether in an office, coffee shop, airport or home office. The origination and storage point of upwards of 50% of a corporation’s informational assets are distributed through their network on laptops and desktops. The knowledge workers’ mobility creates new challenges in eDiscovery, intellectual property management, data leakage prevention (DLP), data theft prevention, and information management policy enforcement.

Information Management Challenges

Today, corporations need a robust strategy to manage their mobile informational assets because laptop and desktop analysis and collection has become the primary concern of litigants in cases involving ESI. Corporations spend millions on manual and labor-intensive processes which often results in cost overruns due to over collection. Over collection is a significant challenge. Because manual and electronic discovery does not historically include an in-place hold for early assessments, all data had to be collected. Corporations need an intelligent, cost-effective, accurate and automatic method to identify, collect, preserve, process, analyze and review relevant information on laptop and desktop computers with both, in-place and copy and hold features for early assessment and evidence preservation.

Kazeon eDiscoveryLaptop/Desktop Manager

Extending the capabilities of the award-winning Kazeon Information Server, the Kazeon eDiscovery Laptop/Desktop Manager is a powerful and robust addition to the Kazeon eDiscovery suite. With its agentless implementation, the product deploys seamlessly by integrating into a corporation’s existing IT environment without any disruption or network augmentation as an add-on to the flagship Kazeon IS2000-ECS product. Once deployed, laptops and desktops anywhere on the network can be discovered and processed, whether on a LAN, VPN, or wireless network. With the innovative checkpoint feature, the Laptop/Desktop connector overcomes network transitions, dynamic IP addresses, and other mobile computing challenges to quickly and easily re-identify a target and reinitiate processing at the point of interruption. This reduces eDiscovery time and speeds early case assessments. The Kazeon eDiscovery Laptop/Desktop Manager extends Kazeon’s robust eDiscovery suite to identify, collect, preserve, process, analyze, and review all of a company’s laptops and desktops to meet today’s litigation demands and information management challenges.

Key eDiscovery Use Cases

  • Early Case Assessments
  • Collection and Culling
  • Preservation and Legal Hold


  • Discover and collect files, emails, and PST files located on laptops and desktops
  • Agentless collection doesn’t require software to be installed on each laptop or desktop
  • Checkpoint and ability to restart for automated and efficient collection
    Generate data maps and custodian maps to find out where relevant ESI is located
  • Unique text preview capability to view file text even when laptop is disconnected from the network
  • In-place analysis without indexing reduces time and the amount of actual data that needs collecting


  • Save time with automated collection from laptops and desktops
  • Save up to 90% on eDiscovery (e.g. litigation support, information security, privacy, and compliance) labor and processing costs
  • Apply legal hold on the source or copy; preserve in-place or in secure repositories
  • Provide a defensible, audited process with a detailed file history
  • Build a proactive, standardized eDiscovery-ready environment that regularly indexes key custodians’ laptops

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