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For most organizations, unmanaged file growth is a tolerated reality. According to joint
research from IDC and EMC, the amount of information in the world is set to increase 45-fold in the next decade. This research also found that there will be an inverse relationship between information volume and IT staffing. During the same period, IT staffs are only expected to grow 1.4-fold, about one fortieth of the increase in data.

Much of this growth exists in the form of organizational content—namely unmanaged files. Every day, end users create more files—word processing, spreadsheets, presentations—that are often duplicated and stored multiple times in multiple locations, in network file shares, on desktops, laptops or in repositories like Microsoft SharePoint. The business value of this content is often short lived, and after its initial usefulness, forgotten. The consumption of valuable storage and network resources goes unchecked as busy knowledge workers are not only unaware of the cost of these resources, but often forget the content exists—and leave it in place. As a result, many organizations find they don’t know:

  • What file content they have
  • How much of it exists
  • Who created it
  • What resources it is consuming
  • How much of it is duplicated in multiple locations
  • What information value it contains

These conditions present an increasingly costly and risk-laden scenario.

Historically, organizations have sought to solve the challenge of unmanaged files by
simply moving content, based on factors such as age, to cheaper, lower-cost tiers of storage. In an era where every IT resource must be properly managed to its fullest value, and any electronically stored information represents a potential organizational risk, this approach is lacking. Blindly deleting file content without knowing its value to the organization is another poor solution.

Gain improved file visibility

EMC SourceOne™ File Intelligence provides greater insight into the business value and risk of file-based content, while enabling organizations to maximize the efficiency and utilization of existing infrastructure investments.

EMC SourceOne File Intelligence is the only file management solution that not only offers full text information about the contents of unmanaged file content, but also provides deep-level, rich reporting capabilities that deliver actionable intelligence about the activities and resource consumption associated with targeted file content. In addition SourceOne File Intelligence delivers a policy engine capable of implementing rule based actions so that file based content is managed in a predictable, systematic manner according to policy. With SourceOne File Intelligence, organizations have the ability to make valuable, informed decisions about handling unmanaged content, and can therefore dramatically reduce operational costs and risk across a number of possible scenarios.

Key features

  • Powerful indexing—Discover and classify unmanaged files in place – before archiving – regardless of location, whether the content is located in unmanaged file shares or repositories like Microsoft SharePoint, via deep-crawling; powerful, and scalable full-text indexing using full or incremental scans. These capabilities can help identify valuable and confidential data such as Social Security or credit card numbers or even intellectual property.
  • Flexible search—Target only relevant content based on key data requirements and implement saved searches to easily return to desired search sets.
  • Robust, actionable reporting—With summary or drill-down levels of reporting, users can understand and make informed decisions based on file information such as owner, resource consumption, age, and level of duplication.
  • Copy, move, and delete—Once relevant files have been identified, take action such as copying files for migration or moving valuable file content for records preservation to secure protected repositories like EMC® Documentum®. Utilize tiered archiving storage such as EMC Centera®, EMC VNX®, EMC Data Domain and EMC Atmos® for lower cost, compliant, long-term storage. If file content is not aligned with company policy, or has no business value, it can be safely deleted.
  • Simplified installation and deployment—EMC SourceOne File Intelligence can be delivered as an appliance, resulting lower solution complexity and rapid deployment.
  • Proactive indexing of SharePoint—Delivers the ability to proactively identify, index, classify, and preserve all folders, subfolders, and documents within a SharePoint server via a single mount point to meet internal governance or external regulatory requirements.

File content insight for improved operational efficiency and risk mitigation

With EMC SourceOne File Intelligence, organizations can address a wide range of activities including:

  • File visibility and reporting—Gain understanding about resource allocation and related charge-back reporting.
  • Acceptable use and monitoring—Ascertain user compliance with organizational policies involving acceptable use of file types such as MP3s, PSTs, etc.
  • File mobility—Move content to lower cost tiers of storage, deduplication platforms, or new cloud storage platforms.
  • Records identification and remediation—Identify and delete unmanaged content in file shares based on retention policies, while moving high-value content to EMC Documentum.
  • Repository Connectors—Access content within Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, Documentum, Symantec Enterprise Vault, File Shares, Laptops, Desktops, Lotus Notes Domino, and EMC Avamar
  • Multi-language search—English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, as well as fully Unicode compliant for all search variable strings Regardless of your industry type or size, your organization likely has challenges managing file-based content that exists in the digital wilderness—resulting in escalating costs and
    risk. EMC SourceOne File Intelligence provides greater insight into the business value and risk of file-based content, while enabling your organization to maximize the efficiency and utilization of existing infrastructure investments.


  • Gain insight into unmanaged file content through granular, file-level visibility and
  • Identify opportunities to optimize where static data is consuming valuable IT
  • Minimize risk, reduce data volume, and improve operational performance by locating and safely deleting content
  • Further reduce risk by migrating content to a secure archive or repository for on-going policy managementImprove performance and cut costs by migrating content to virtualized and cloud platforms

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