Email Discovery: Review and Analyze Emails with Ease

Forrester estimates that 75% of eDiscovery activities involve a company’s email and associated attachments as part of the responsive electronically stored information (ESI) set. In many cases, relevant emails reside in the company’s Domino server. Traditional approaches are manual and expensive, exposing companies to delays and the risk that critical emails and other messaging content will be overlooked or lost. Often, far more emails are collected and reviewed than necessary, subjecting the company to substantial and unnecessary costs. The Kazeon eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager extends the in-house eDiscovery capabilities of the Kazeon eDiscovery solution to include emails actively stored inside Lotus Domino in a native format.

By using Kazeon’s eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager, corporations, law firms, and legal service providers can implement a defensible, accurate, and transparent workflow for litigation responsiveness. Kazeon’s eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager ensures critical messages residing inside Domino Server(s) are quickly found along with other relevant ESI when responding to legal matters. Direct native connectivity between Kazeon’s eDiscovery solution and Domino ensures comprehensive and defensible eDiscovery across the enterprise.

Benefits Features

React to pressing matters, target specific users, views, date ranges, and folders

Identify and collect emails from the entire Domino server or select specific mailboxes/users, views and folders;
Supports Multiple Servers

Build a proactive, standardized “eDiscovery-ready” environment, regularly indexing Domino server(s)

Review and analyze emails, tagging individual emails with legal review tags

Set legal holds within minutes

Preserve by applying KazHold™ and copy to a secure location

Quickly find and cull down emails within Domino, eliminating duplicate and irrelevant emails and attachments

Remove duplicates and cull irrelevant emails by custodian, domain and date range; Copy out of Domino to a secure location; Run reports and conduct searches based on extracted email header information

Identify and Collect Domino Content

The Kazeon eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager rapidly identifies and catalogs email header information (e.g. MailTo, MailFrom, Subject, CC and BCC) and the actual text content of the email and attachments. Integration with Active Directory provides quick and easy lookup of custodians by aliases and email addresses. Corporations have the option of identifying and cataloging the entire Domino Server or targeting specific mailboxes and/or folders. For example, if the scope, breadth, and depth of the matter are well known, the Kazeon eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager can perform targeted collection that only focuses on the relevant users, views, folders, and date ranges. If uncertainty exists regarding where the responsive emails might reside, users can identify and catalog all emails on the Domino Server.

Culling and De-duplication

Using the advanced SHA-1 hashing capability, Kazeon provides de-duplication on items being copied, collected, or placed on legal hold. Duplicate reports facilitate locating, deleting, or moving duplicates rapidly and securely.

Email Thread Analytics

Email Thread View provides superior email analytical capabilities for eDiscovery users trying to track down communication details. Emails across email servers (i.e., Exchange and Domino), archives (i.e., Enterprise Vault), and PST files are threaded and presented in a chronological tree diagram that depicts the multiple levels of senders in an easy-to-understand format. Reviewers can quickly see forward and reply history for all relevant email threads.

Analysis and Review

With Kazeon’s fine-grained, case-based analysis and review, legal supervisors and reviewers can find all relevant case information in one place by using a familiar interface to conduct Domino searches. Keywords, phrases, concepts, boolean operators, wildcard, fuzzy, and proximity searches are all supported. Dynamic concept search and results visualization provide advanced search analytic capabilities. Legal depart-ments can rapidly find and review potentially responsive information pertinent to a case, perform linear review and tag the document in the context of the case, as well as export it for court submission. All of this can be accomplished with the familiar, accurate, and easy-to-use Kazeon search interface.

Copy out and Preserve

When relevant information is uncovered in Domino, Kazeon expedites a copy or collection to a secure location. Kazeon seamlessly and unobtrusively accesses the information and makes a defensible copy. The entire process can be audited and a data verification report can be created to ensure the copy is identical to the source. Kazeon’s innovative KazHold protects documents and emails from alteration or destruction.


Kazeon’s eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager is out-of-band and does not require any other agent to be installed on the Domino server. Processing is non-disruptive and can be done in the background during operating hours or scheduled to take place during off-hours. Kazeon’s plug-and-play solution can be deployed in under an hour.

Scalable and High Performance Architecture

Built on the award winning Kazeon Information Management Platform, the Kazeon eDiscovery Lotus Domino Manager offers industry-leading performance and unparalleled scalability.

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