eDiscovery Information Center

Managing the growing data volume in today's corporate environments is challenging. With electronically stored information dispersed across laptops, desktop, servers and storage systems across the globe, gaining insight into information assets in this distributed environment is challenging. What is needed is a simplified management tool that delivers a holistic view of the enterprise and interleaves all results from the data center to remote offices all in a “single pane of glass” view.

Information Management Challenge

Information Management needs are becoming increasingly difficult to manage with the growth in distributed network environments. This growth has been coupled with the demands placed on enterprises by FRCP and other compliance and security requirements. Until the introduction of Kazeon's Information Center product, enterprises have been faced with bringing data over WANs and creating network resource bottlenecks or physically shipping drives between locations and then loading them back into the network for processing. This is a high-cost and high-touch model. Further, for early case assessment and first-pass review, corporations do not have the ability to interleave search results for analysis from various locations and often produce inaccurate and incomplete results. Kazeon eliminates these problems and provides very effective federated analysis and review capabilities for finding all material data across large data sets.

Information Center

Kazeon continues it record for innovation by delivering its federated Information Center, which is a unified management tool that delivers enterprise-wide search and reporting of all electronic stored information (ESI) within the enterprise – even if the information resides at remote data centers and branch offices. Using Information Center's federated eDiscovery capabilities, enterprises can now collect, preserve, hold, analyze and review content across the enterprise while staying within the firewall for access by inside as well as outside counsel. No data needs to be moved till both counsels have accomplished first-pass review and jointly decided which data is material or relevant to the case matter. This lightweight yet accurate and defensible process enables quick early case assessments for general counsels and enables defensible and accurate decision-making. Further, third-party legal hosting service providers' roles can be greatly minimized in the process of staging and sending data outside the enterprise thereby cutting corporations' eDiscovery costs significantly.

With its information interleaving feature, Information Center presents a federated view of information ranked by its relevance and importance to the search, unlike competitors that present information based on its irrelevant storage location. Delivering a unified perspective on electronically stored information reduces review time and accelerates the delivery of relevant information to better manage informational assets.

Information Center Features

  • Delivers a “Single pane of glass” or Federated eDiscovery view to manage, analyze and review data across the enterprise and across multiple content repositories
  • Interleave results and automatically rank them by relevance across the enterprise; subsequently take action (e.g., Legal Hold, KazHold™) on results in single operation, no matter where the data physically resides
  • No physical data movement, only targeted, relevant meta-data corresponding to the search query is transferred for viewing in Information Center
  • Information and it's description displayed for review instantaneously
  • Central eDiscovery workflow for legal hold using KazHold

Information Center Benefits

  • Unified and federated eDiscovery
  • In-place Analysis and Review for distributed locations of global corporations
  • Early case assessment and first-pass review across remote offices and branch offices
  • Dramatic reduction in eDiscovery review costs; elimination of unnecessary data movement and hence reduction in network load and impact on network bandwidth resources
  • Distributed search across enterprises; using relevancy to order and interleave results without redundancies for further review, analytics and workflow
  • Central eDiscovery workflow of legal hold using KazHold
  • Automated, policy-based tagging and review for legal professionals within a central console

In the graphic below, the Information Center presents a listing of three Kazeon clusters one located on the Northeast, one located in the Southwest and one in the Central US. With the federated capability of Kazeon's Information Center, a single management interface allows the management across the globe.

Information Center Interface:

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