eDiscovery Data Map for more Cost-effective Data Collection

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has grown exponentially with the advent of digital content creation tools and data storage systems. However, as storage volume continues to grow, finding data is becoming increasingly more challenging for organizations with terabytes and petabytes of data across email systems, file shares and laptop/desktops. With lawyers now routinely subpoenaing ESI, the task of finding, identifying, categorizing and culling information into relevant, non-relevant and privileged groupings has become a critical pain point for organizations with the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP). The question then becomes, how can organizations cost-effectively dynamically search and identify relevant information quickly and accurately?

Inasmuch as lawyers only have a priori knowledge of a limited number of case-relevant keywords and do not have a complete repertoire searchable keywords, keyword searches are no longer sufficient to meet the legal standards as data volume grows. Kazeon’s eDiscovery Concept Manager delivers the needed capability for lawyers, paralegals, and case workers to dynamically mine vast amounts of extant unstructured data and narrow down the data set to a cost-effective collection of relevant documents for review by allowing search within a contextual framework.

The eDiscovery Concept Manager reviews content and categorizes words into persons, organizations, facilities, addresses, and high-level concepts such as groups of nouns. It then associates with these elements high-level semantics within documents and emails, and analyzes them by finding disparate connections within the data flows and elements—and associates these semantic elements. The reviewer is then prompted with specific elements to perform dynamic targeted searches. The extracted correlative concepts are a highly-targeted set of concepts, keywords and other data elements which deliver reviewers extracted and interactive search parameters to quickly determine information case relevance.

Benefits Features
Automatically discovers relevant concepts and keywords within an informational data set Extracted concepts deliver full semantic document analysis for entity extraction and fine-grained analysis
Delivers insightful view into complex and large volume of informational data sets for quick and accurate categorization and culling Iterative and interactive concept search using robust snippets, syntactical and natural semantic language analysis for in-depth document analysis
Constructs organizational dictionary that decodes communications for increased search insight and accuracy Syntactic clustering delivers concept taxonomy for discovery of prominent nouns in phrases and concept expansion
Summary reporting on extracted concepts for analysis and presentation Concept visualization delivers semantic and clustering analysis allowing deep analysis of discoverable search criteria

Interactive Concepts

To deliver initial and in-depth analysis, Kazeon’s eDiscovery Concept Manager brings interactive concept search to simplify eDiscovery data identification. Interactive concepts analyze data sets by leveraging natural language semantic analysis, structural syntactical review, and document snippet comparison to quickly narrow down a large data set for initial review. This insight allows reviewers to identify syntactic clustering to construct targeted concept and keyword searches that are relevant to the specific organization, i.e. an “Organizational Lexicon”, for iterative search refinement. It also provides in-depth analysis of data set structure, schema, and data flow to provide detailed insight as to who knew what and when.

Extracted Concepts

Kazeon’s eDiscovery Concept Manager analyzes the full text and metadata of each document with deep semantic analysis to deliver fine-grained detail required for litigation proceedings. With its rich reporting, reviewers can identify unique concepts quickly and rapidly to determine significance and case relevance.

Analysis & Review

With Kazeon’s eDiscovery Concept Manager, legal supervisors and reviewers can construct dynamic, targeted searches for relevant and non-relevant case information to accelerate the analysis and review process resulting in a savings of both time and money. Dynamic concept search and results visualization provide advanced analytic search capabilities. Legal departments can rapidly find and review potentially responsive information pertinent to a case, perform linear reviews and tag documents for case context, and export documents for court submission. All of this can be accomplished with the familiar, accurate, and easy-to-use Kazeon search interface.


Kazeon’s eDiscovery Concept Manager is out-of-band and does not require any other agent to be installed. Processing is nondisruptive and can be done in the background during operating hours or scheduled to take place during off-hours. Kazeon’s plug-and-play solution can be deployed in less than hour. Scalable and High-Performance Architecture Built on the award-winning Kazeon Information Management Platform, the Kazeon eDiscovery Concept Manager offers industry-leading performance and unparalleled scalability.

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