Comprehensive eDiscovery capabilities for Microsoft SharePoint

A vast amount of the electronic information existing in an organization is stored and managed by the Microsoft SharePoint Server, making it a critical repository for eDiscovery. Until now, finding information stored in SharePoint meant logging into a separate search window and performing rudimentary keyword searches from an unfamiliar interface. Options for searching SharePoint were limited and relevant information was overlooked. Implementing a legal hold strategy was cumbersome and inefficient. The EMC SourceOne™ eDiscovery – Kazeon SharePoint Manager module changes all that by bringing the same industry-leading analysis and review capabilities to Microsoft SharePoint as EMC brings to Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Enterprise Vault, laptops/desktops, and NFS/CIFS file shares.

The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module adds Microsoft SharePoint Server to the host of repositories supported by the award-winning EMC SourceOne eDiscovery family. For the first time, corporations, law firms, and legal service providers can implement a defensible, accurate, and transparent process across the enterprise that includes file shares, laptops, content management applications, e-mail servers, and archives. The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module seamlessly integrates with EMC SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon, making it an invaluable tool in eDiscovery cases.

Full-content index creation

The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module creates a full-content index of SharePoint sites without the need for a separate agent. Optional features include default full-content index or customization with extraction and assignment rules that search for patterns and tag documents at the time of processing and index creation. This auto-culling feature is accurate and saves time ordinarily attributed to a manual review. Thousands of documents can be processed and tagged in minutes instead of hours—without the need for manual intervention.

The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module can index an entire SharePoint repository all at once or execute a targeted index and collection by site, sub-site, document library, or folder. Multiple time-saving document filters allow users to limit the processing scope by file type, directory, date range, document size, and more. This saves time from indexing documents that are not relevant to the case. Other time-saving features include the ability to schedule system processing during low-use periods and incremental indexing of just the files that have changed since the previous indexing. The index is kept up-to-date without the additional overhead of re-indexing the entire server.

Direct connectivity to Microsoft SharePoint Servers

Agentless collection and culling

Most eDiscovery cases require collection of some type to take place. The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module provides targeted or broad-based collection and culling without the need to install additional software on the SharePoint Server. This saves time and maintenance costs. EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon collects from a wide variety of electronically stored information (ESI) sources. Collection can be done with or without rules and can be imported to or exported from SharePoint.

Legal hold, retention and records management

EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon doesn’t stop at simply classifying and creating a searchable index. The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module offers many powerful actions, including copying into SharePoint for retention. Documents located in the SharePoint site can be copied to another repository, have legal hold applied, and be downloaded to a zip file. Search results can be exported to an EDRM XML or CSV formatted file, and policy groups can be defined for controlling access rights to documents.

Analysis and Review

With EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon case-based analysis and review, legal supervisors and reviewers can find all relevant case information in one place using a familiar search interface to conduct SharePoint searches. Keywords, phrases, concepts, boolean operators, wildcard, fuzzy, and proximity searches are all supported. Dynamic concept search and results visualization provide advanced search analytic capabilities. Legal departments can rapidly find and review potentially responsive information pertinent to a case, review and tag the document in the context of the case, and export it for court submission—all from within the familiar, accurate, and easy-to-use EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon search interface.

Auditing and Data Verification

EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon auditing and data verification capabilities provide a defensible and auditable process that ensures that no spoliation of evidence will occur. The entire eDiscovery process within the environment is audited and reported on to ensure user behavior is accurately tracked and recorded. Any copy performed using EMC SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon is verified by matching the unique thumbprint of the copy to the target to ensure that they are identical.


The eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module is agentless and does not require any additional software to be installed on the SharePoint Server. Processing is non-disruptive and can be accomplished in the background during operating hours or scheduled to take place during off-hours. The plug-and-play solution can be deployed in under an hour and supports hundreds of SharePoint servers.

Scalable and High Performance Architecture

Built on the award-winning EMC SourceOne eDiscovery suite, the eDiscovery SharePoint Manager module offers the same industry-leading performance and scalability.

Benefits Features

Enterprise-wide search through single interface

Index and search Sharepoint Server

Saves time with easy installation and maintenance

Agentless architecture does not require software installation on the SharePoint Server

Investment protection through multiple uses

Perform actions on content located in SharePoint: tag, download, export, copy into and out of, legal hold on copy out

Cut eDiscovery review costs by 90%

Industry-leading review and analysis capabilities

Defensible and Transparent Early Case Assessment Auditing, data verification, and chain of custody

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