Autonomy Workflow Manager

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the right set of solutions can make a significant difference by streamlining overall processes, accelerating new business development and increasing client satisfaction.

Autonomy delivers a full featured intelligent process automation engine with rich capabilities for modeling and simulating business processes.  Easy to use visual tools, rule-based routing, intelligent electronic forms, real-time business activity monitoring, secure connectivity into other business systems and digital signatures are available across a wide variety of interfaces including the Web, Outlook and Mobile devices.

Unlike other approaches, Autonomy embraces the unstructured and human elements of business processes and turns the variability of information and human behavior into tangible business advantages.  Autonomy’s fundamentally different approach can use Meaning Based Computing (MBC) to look across all real time business process related data, as well as any other data sources and automatically form an understanding of that information.

Product Features

  • Minimal Training - Leverages existing iManage WorkSite client interfaces for Microsoft Outlook, Web, Microsoft SharePoint or the desktop eliminating the need to retrain users on additional add-in or complex forms
  • Drag and Drop Design - Powerful visual designer enables business analysts to logically map the business workflow, create forms, and simulate processes
  • Digital Signatures - Speed up approval processing with electronic signatures 
  • Performance Tracking - Advanced reporting and monitoring tools to provide greater visibility into the business, and help enforce compliance requirements across the enterprise
  • Built for Growth - Highly scalable, fault-tolerant, open architecture that accommodates the growth of staff, processes and information across the enterprise
  • Auditability - Complete audit trail of all workflow actions within the document history

Product Benefits

  • Efficiency - Drives consistent execution of business processes across the organization ensuring compliance with standard operating procedure, regulations and best practices
  • Business Agility - Improves the agility of the organization by reducing time and manual effort to accomplish key tasks
  • Data Driven Decisions - Enables data-driven decisions about resource allocation or employee performance by providing better visibility and metrics about utilization, work load and response times
  • Compliance - Aids compliance by providing a complete audit trail of who did what and when
  • Growth - Enables organization to scale and grow by providing the ability to orchestrate administrative and compliance processes consistently and globally

Product Differentiators

  • Understanding Meaning - Built on unique technology that drives automation by understanding the meaning of information; enabling intelligent routing and activity generation
  • Common Platform - Single unified approach for document and process management
  • Usability - Designed from the ground up for automating processes that involve a high degree of human input and interaction
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Out-of-the-box best practices for iManage WorkSite customers, eliminates the complexity and cost of custom development of integration with an off-the-shelf workflow system
  • Return on Investment - Time and cost savings of 60-80% extending beyond the hard bottom line due to transformation of unsecured and inconsistent business activities into protected, compliant and auditable processes

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