Autonomy Introspect

Introspect is Autonomy’s top-ranked solution for the processing, review and production of complex litigation and regulatory investigations. It is the first truly advanced, global eDiscovery platform with massive petabyte scalability, the ability to process and understand all file types and languages, integrated keyword and conceptual search, near-duplicate technology and rich visual analytics capabilities.

Autonomy Introspect

  • Real-Time Flexible eDiscovery
  • FRCP-Compliant Searching
  • Non-Linear Review
  • Meaning-Based Coding

Introspect delivers an innovative approach to eDiscovery by leveraging Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to perform all eDiscovery operations on a single platform.  The streamlined solution offers rapid data intake, review and production  tools that are in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). This avoids expensive hand-offs to 3rd party engines and disparate tools that raise costs, increase risk and delay review.

Product Features

  • Real-Time Flexible eDiscovery - Rapid data intake in real time with petabyte scalability in a hosted or on-premise deployment
  • FRCP-Compliant Searching - A defensible methodology for search throughout all electronically stored information providing Keyword and Conceptual search results that can be instantly clustered to visually display links between people, communication chains and file content
  • Non-Linear Review - Similar and near-duplicate documents are automatically clustered to speed review
  • Meaning-Based Coding - Documents to be reviewed are automatically analyzed, prioritized, and tagged based on the legal team's coding decisions on previously reviewed documents

Product Benefits

  • Lower Costs - Reduce data sets and costs associated with slow collection, over-collection, review of non-relevant documents, and manual coding
  • Defensible Process - collection of content and associated metadata is performed using a legally defensible and auditable process that does not alter or damage data
  • All Formats - Introspect leverages the most advanced speech and video analytics to index, process and search files alongside text documents to discover all relevant ESI
  • Manage ESI from Opposing Counsel - Managing ESI from opposing counsel is streamlined with effective loading, indexing, and the same powerful automatic categorization, clustering and summarization capabilities that are used on internal data
  • Time Management - With Introspect, legal teams spend less time on document management and more time analyzing relevant evidence and building their case strategy
  • Intelligent Production - Production capabilities are easily tuned to match the most complex requirements including automatic bates numbering and fully synchronized evidence exchange with all leading trial presentation tools

Product Differentiators

  • Massively Scalable – With petabyte scalability, Introspect can rapidly index vast amounts of information across the enterprise while ensuring sensitive content remains secure and controlled
  • Understanding Meaning - Document review and production remain the cornerstones of Introspect while the advanced capabilities of IDOL provide game-changing functionality, advanced analytics, Meaning-Based Coding, and non-linear review capabilities
  • Information Access – Retrieve data in over 1000 file types including IM, multi-media attachments, audio and video files, with the same capabilities for over 100 foreign  languages
  • Manage in Place – Reduce the time and cost involved in unnecessary data movement and eliminate the risk of spoliation by sharing, analyzing and managing content over multiple environments
  • Highly Secure - Introspect provides the most robust and granular security model in the industry, making it ideal for companies with large-scale litigation, firms with hundreds of active cases, and for parties in a joint defense group
  • End-to-End Platform – Autonomy is the only provider to offer a solution that seamlessly manages all steps of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), from information management, to legal hold and production- all on a single platform

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