When it comes to document management, Worldox offers you more immediate and  long-term business value than any other solution.

Worldox GX3® is comprehensive, practical, sensible document management for the real world… your real world. Using Worldox GX3, you can give your people fast, easy access to all the information and knowledge you own, from word processing files and spreadsheets to emails and scanned documents even voice mails – virtually anythingthat can be stored as a file.

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Worldox Price

Only Worldox delivers all this:

  • Lower direct and indirect costs throughout the entire lifecycle. Worldox costs less to purchase, less to deploy, less to support, and less to administer. Plus, for customers with routine Worldox maintenance contracts, most product upgrades are no charge, from service packs to full-fledged successor versions.
  • Exceptionally rapid and simple implementation. With Worldox, you can begin driving real business value in days or weeks, not months or years – whether you’re deploying document management for the first time, or migrating from another system.
  • Proven reliability over 20 years. Worldox GX3, our latest product, reflects everything we’ve learned in delivering state-of-the-art document management solutions since 1988. Worldox has an installed base of over 5,000 organizations, in more than 41 countries. Worldox is comprehensive, sensible document management for the real world, the easiest, fastest way to give your people the information they need.
  • Exceptional simplicity and usability. Worldox builds upon the basic file handling skills computer users already have. Because users find it intuitive, they like Worldox, so they actually use it… in contrast to complex competitive systems that are often ignored or evaded.
  • Seamless support for all of your information. Unlike some document management solutions, Worldox can handle any form of information that can be saved as a file… from Microsoft Office documents and email to scanned files and multimedia content. With Worldox, you can organize, control, and provide access to the documents your people need today – and the new types of documents they may create in the future.
  • Unlimited flexibility and easy integration with your existing infrastructure. No other document management system is as easy to customize, extend, or integrate. Worldox provides a full range of solutions for integrating with your other business systems, including Worldox Connectors, the Worldox API, and a wide spectrum of third-party solutions from our worldwide reseller community.

Worldox Product Demonstrations

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