Autonomy ECM

The proliferation of unstructured information across all industries and the tightening of compliance requirements around information have renewed interest in enterprise content management. The explosive growth of human information and rich media provides a wealth of new insight into customer and market trends for organizations that can extract the meaning from this content.

Capturing information across multiple channels, categorizing content in real-time, collaborating effectively and complying with information policies has become more challenging as organizations are increasingly distributed and more mobile. At the same time, the ability to reduce operating costs and improve quality by automating content-centric processes, has made capture and business process automation two of the fastest-growing areas within enterprise content management.

In many cases, the ability to understand the context and concepts held within enterprise information uncovers important insights that are critical to decision-making and vital to the future of the business. Autonomy’s ability to find, understand, and process information and interactions has become the foundation for content management and a source of competitive advantage.

Autonomy ECM

Autonomy ECM manages the complete content lifecycle to improve productivity and information governance on a single platform. Autonomy ECM delivers the primary value of enterprise-wide content management, enabling organizations to capture, consolidate, collaborate and comply effectively across the enterprise.

  • Capture – Digitize and automatically categorize content in real-time, across multiple channels, to improve productivity
  • Consolidate – Organize content into digital files to effectively support different working groups inside and outside the enterprise
  • Collaborate – Automate unstructured and structured business processes to reduce costs and improve service
  • Comply – Create and effectively enforce information governance policies to enhance compliance with today’s increasing corporate, legal, and regulatory standards

Autonomy ECM is the only solution that understands human information, including audio and video, scales to meet the exploding volume of information and provides an underlying search capability that unifies information across silos of distributed repositories.

Autonomy IDOL – The Foundation for Next Generation ECM

Autonomy ECM, powered by the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL 10), provides a common Meaning Based Computing platform that allows organizations to understand and act on all forms of information in real time. The ability to index over 1,000 file types, 400 data sources, and content in any language enables a company to maximize its content management investment across all applications. With over 500 embedded functions, IDOL provides the ability to understand the context, relevance, and trends within information. Instead of relying on tags or keywords, Autonomy automatically identifies information and delivers alerts based on internal and external data sources. Automatic links, categorization, analytics, and visualization tools improve the usefulness of information. Autonomy’s autoclassification  capabilities are more consistent than manual tagging and provide a robust taxonomy based on IDOL’s understanding of enterprise content.

Leveraging IDOL, Autonomy ECM enforces governance initiatives based on the meaning of content, and automates business processes to provide tangible return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership. Customers benefit from increased revenue, higher productivity, reductions in operating and storage costs, and a lower risk profile across the entire content lifecycle.


Nowhere is the need for automation, visibility, and control greater than in the document-driven processes that power business in the modern enterprise. Whether it is new account opening in Financial Services, work orders in Manufacturing, or invoices in Accounting, more than 80 percent of all business documents and forms are still processed manually today. Autonomy ECM automatically classifies and indexes paper and electronic documents as they are captured, eliminating the need for manual coding and delivering significant and rapid return on investment. Autonomy ECM unifies paper forms, faxes and email based processes throughout the enterprise, even processes in different departments, businesses, and geographies. This unified approach improves business operations through reduced cost, increased visibility, enhanced security, and enforced consistency.


Most business units organize their activities around a central concept: attorneys and consultants organize by matter, human resources professionals by employee, real estate professionals by property, and purchasing administrators by vendor. Employees find it most effective to organize this way, but professionals today must deal with information across a variety of applications and content types. Content is spread across laptop hard drives, within email boxes, on web servers, and on network file shares. As a result, employees lose the ability to have a single consolidated customer file, project file, or employee file and organizations struggle with a unified, comprehensive, and up-to-date view of their critical electronic assets.

Using Autonomy ECM, organizations can consolidate all business documents, forms and correspondence in a single digital file, enabling employees to gain access to all information, from any point, including desktops and laptops, the internet, and mobile devices. Rather than relying on email to store, share, and iterate versions of documents, Autonomy provides a common location for documents and email that mitigates the risks associated with sending an out-of-date or incorrect version of a document. Autonomy’s scalable approach to email filing transforms email from an isolated knowledge source that is visible only to the addressee, to an asset that can be easily and securely accessed by relevant users across all offices.

Autonomy's intuitive approach to managing email and documents overcomes the largest barriers to effective information management by ensuring user adoption. Unlike other methods, Autonomy ECM eliminates the need for people to fill out tedious forms and manually classify each document. Autonomy ECM organizes information into workspaces that serve as virtual file folders for all content related to a specific project, deal, or client. Workspaces provide immediate access to all related information in a unified file and enables community-based collaboration regardless of geography, time zone, or device. Workspaces also maintain a comprehensive audit trail for regulatory, legal, or operational purposes.


In the enterprise, information and processes are tightly coupled, and both must be managed effectively to drive successful business outcomes. All organizations have a common challenge: a heavy dependence upon human interaction and unstructured information, such as email, documents, audio, paper, mobile, and video—information types that do not fit well into traditional automation solutions and IT infrastructures. Using Autonomy ECM, companies can transform inconsistent business activities into streamlined, compliant, and auditable processes.

Leveraging the power of Meaning Based Computing, Autonomy is uniquely capable of automating structured and unstructured processes, proactively guiding users through defined processes, and facilitating rapid team-based collaboration. With Autonomy ECM, organizations can minimize errors, prevent omissions and eliminate idle time between process steps. A comprehensive graphical workflow modeling environment and dynamic electronic forms designer ensure rapid deployment. Business activity monitoring features increase visibility into bottlenecks, audit usage, analyze processes and handle exceptions, enabling real-time improvements to the automated processes. With Autonomy ECM, all types of business processes get faster, more accurate, and result in greater business impact.


While information is the lifeblood of organizations, business leaders are challenged to adhere to a wide range of laws and requirements that dictate how information must be managed. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Freedom of Information Act, US and UK Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as regional and local laws, require the enforcement of policies governing information retention, destruction, and production. For these reasons, organizations need a comprehensive solution to automatically and consistently administer content retention policies and manage risk.

By leveraging meaning, Autonomy ECM enables real-time, policy-driven control of all enterprise content, across all systems in the enterprise, ensuring that customers are able to proactively manage content in alignment with today’s growing corporate, legal and regulatory standards. Autonomy ECM can automatically create taxonomies, file plans and categories based on a corpus of data or import an existing taxonomy that is already in use. Autonomy provides the ability to manage, preserve and secure information in place, where the content was created or stored. By automating the classification of content and the application of retention policies, Autonomy ECM provides a cost-effective and practical way to achieve the organization’s information governance goals.

ECM Benefits

Autonomy ECM is exceptionally easy to use, may be deployed across organizations quickly, and requires minimal training, greatly increasing adoption, and ensuring that a greater portion of content is captured for management. Using Autonomy ECM, companies are able to transform inconsistent business activities into lock-tight, compliant, and auditable processes. Autonomy’s customers often see time and cost savings of 60 to 80 percent with return on investment (ROI) counted in tens of millions of dollars through:

  • Increased productivity – By unifying content, accelerating processes, and identifying the right information quickly and easily, organizations realize significant labor savings through improved productivity and higher quality for knowledge workers
  • Reduced risk – Lower the risk profile of the organization through increased visibility, enhanced business continuity and improved outcomes
  • Streamlined transactional processes – Increase transparency into bottlenecks and redundancies in repetitive tasks
  • Improved consistency – Ensure adherence to best practices across a distributed work force
  • Improved profitability – Reduce costs by eliminating manual tasks, reducing physical storage and accelerating business cycles while at the same time increasing revenue through improved client satisfaction
  • Better collaboration – Team members that focus on a single access point for critical project information collaborate more effectively and accomplish more tasks in less time
  • Low total cost of ownership – Leverage existing infrastructure and expertise extend investment in existing applications and personnel

Autonomy ECM Product Suite:

Autonomy TeleForm

Autonomy TeleForm captures both structured forms and unstructured documents, automatically extracts information and delivers it to business processes and repositories without human intervention.

Autonomy Process Automation

APA is a full featured intelligent process automation engine with easy to use visual tools, rule-based routing, intelligent electronic forms, real-time business activity monitoring, secure connectivity and rich capabilities for modeling business processes.

Autonomy WorkSite

WorkSite’s powerful email and document management capabilities deliver a single, consolidated view of enterprise content from any device or access point, enabling seamless collaboration across internal employees, external customers and suppliers.

Autonomy Intelligent Universal Search

IUS, powered by IDOL, understands and identifies the context and concepts within structured and unstructured information to deliver the most powerful and relevant search experience, including automatic categorization, automatic hyper linking, expertise search, faceted navigation, audio and video search.

Autonomy Policy Authority

Autonomy Policy Authority centralizes the management of governance and compliance policies across the enterprise, covering official business records, as well as non-records (such as drafts, emails, and work in process).

Autonomy ControlPoint

ControlPoint applies and enforces information governance policies across distributed content, including content residing in repositories like SharePoint, WorkSite and content found on share drives. Autonomy Records Manager
Autonomy’s Records Manager helps organizations keep pace with new compliance requirements by understanding the content and context held within business records, making it possible to automate recordkeeping processes.

About Autonomy

Autonomy, an HP Company, is a global leader in software that processes human information, or unstructured data, including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages, etc. Autonomy’s powerful management and analytic tools for structured information together with its ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms of information, regardless of format, is a unique tool for companies seeking to get the most out of their data. Autonomy’s product portfolio helps power companies through enterprise search analytics, business process management and OEM operations. Autonomy also offers information governance solutions in areas such as eDiscovery, content management and compliance, as well as marketing solutions that help companies grow revenue, such as web content management, online marketing optimization and rich media management.

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