Records and Information Management

If recent economic events have done anything, they’ve made organizations keenly aware of the need for records management software. While retaining records as long as needed is important, it’s also imperative to transfer and dispose of them properly to avoid wasting space and productivity or exposing an organization to legal risk.

Records and information management (RIM) products that are part of a complete ECM framework achieve the right balance, electronically managing the entire lifecycle of important business content, including e-mail.

With the right RIM approach, an organization can:

  • Plan ahead: Capture, store and organize all document information securely and build flexible records retention policies.
  • Protect itself: Manage the lifecycle of information to mitigate legal risks and strengthen compliance.
  • Let go: Destroy or transfer document information automatically when its retention period is complete.

Focused on details. Prepared for the duration.

RIM products from Perceptive Software are built upon the proven ECM technology platform. Retention Policy Manager combined with ImageNow and other products brings rich, seamless RIM functionality to familiar work processes. This helps staff concentrate on day-to-day business activities while also being prepared to handle specific RIM and compliance needs.

When properly implemented, these products effectively manage an organization’s most valuable information assets, and as a result:

  • Ensure compliance with government, industry records retention requirements
  • Reduce risk in the event of civil litigation or government investigation
  • Minimize storage costs and free up server space for critical information
  • Reallocate resources for more useful business activities
  • Organize paper and electronic information for immediate retrieval
  • Protect mission-critical information against loss or unintended destruction

Perceptive Software RIM offerings bring ECM initiatives full circle — with the same ease of use, rapid deployment and swift bottom-line impact customers expect.

Complete by design.

Records and information management products from Perceptive Software span the entire lifecycle of your business content. Functional highlights include:

Retention Policy Management

  • Quickly define time- and event-based retention policies with multiple phases
  • Manage and track electronic and physical documents in a single system
  • Generate a certificate of destruction and produce a chain of custody

Automated Dispositions

  • Destroy, transfer to storage (online/nearline/offline) or retain data permanently
  • Require a user, or users in a set order, to approve transfers or destruction

Secure Legal and Audit Holds

  • Easily create holds that prevent the modification or deletion of information
  • Maintain instant accessibility and provable integrity of document content
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