Intelligent Data Capture

Brainware Distiller, Perceptive Software’s data capture product, extracts information from paper and electronic documents, validates the extracted data and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications. Brainware Distiller is a platform for processing any type of document that uses highly intelligent pattern recognition and categorization technology to deliver several key advantages:

  • Industry-leading 80 to 100 percent out-of-the-box reduction in manual data entry that has been proven repeatedly in head-to-head tests
  • A template-free, human-like learning approach that allows the system to be up and running in a few days, reducing reliance on IT and enabling the user to start realizing ROI with page one on day one
  • Line item extraction from lengthy, complex tables regardless of layout
  • Reduced human interaction for lower error rates and faster processing times
  • Flexible technology that scales to different document and file types, is language independent, and can be deployed across different departments

Brainware Distiller eschews traditional template-based models that confine data extraction to rigidly delineated regions and uses a more fluid pattern recognition technology to process a document’s complete information set. This means that departments like accounts payable, mailroom, human resources and others that deal with high volumes of transactional content are not mired by equally high volumes of exceptions and errors that occur with more primitive data capture systems.

After Brainware Distiller extracts a document’s information, it is passed seamlessly into your primary business application or enterprise content repository. Invoice data is streamed into financial management systems, HR documents flow into an ERP, and so forth — instantly, with no opportunity for human error. This provides the fastest and most accurate capture front-end, ensuring the correct content is delivered in the context of your business processes.

Using Brainware Distiller across departments, you can:

  • Speed invoice processing from days or weeks to mere hours and facilitate comprehensive visibility into the status of your revenue and costs
  • Eliminate manual data entry for high-volume sales orders by extracting purchase order details and automatically posting new entries in the order processing system
  • Automate the identification and matching of EOB and claim data in your healthcare organization while reducing the number of clerks necessary to process this time-intensive paperwork
  • Automatically sort and index scanned and electronic documents into Perceptive Software ECM products
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