eForms & Electronic Forms

The foundation of ECM — document imaging, document management and workflow — ultimately determines whether a system makes processes more efficient and staff more effective. However, a comprehensive approach that includes advanced, supporting products is necessary to push the limits of productivity.

eForms technology completes the capture strategy of an ECM system, enabling the online entry and collection of raw data in electronic forms that are accessible from websites and portals. This information is incorporated immediately into the business process, and can be used to eliminate workflow steps, validate data accuracy, support application transactions and more.

Influenced by innovation. Developed for flexibility.

Perceptive Software eForms makes electronic data capture quick and simple, so you can gather the information needed to support virtually any business process. Customizable forms fit right into a website or portal so anyone — employees, customers, even non-ECM system users — can complete and submit information effortlessly.

Collected content is stored, organized and secured independently, enabling you to route it through workflow, apply version control and more. Support for industry-standard data formats and technology also maximizes the versatility of eForms.

In addition to stand-alone benefits, forms fit seamlessly within Perceptive Software ECM products so staff can easily enter, select, view and modify information in context with related business routines, such as invoice approval and payroll processing.

Direct by design.

eForms from Perceptive Software enables the electronic data capture and management of business- or process-specific information through HTML-based forms deployed in portal, website and client environments (ImageNow and WebNow). High-level product features include:

Data Options

  • Collect data entered in the form or pulled automatically from other sources 
  • Streamline processes by validating and correcting information electronically 
  • Enhance workflow using collected forms to route information intelligently 
  • Store, organize and manage forms independently like any other document 
  • Share a virtually unlimited amount of forms content with external systems 
  • Use extra data for indexing to enhance content retrieval and searching

Forms Design

  • Create standards-based forms using built-in design tools 
  • Build forms using mainstream web technologies like HTML, XSLT and CSS
  • Develop forms using an optional plug-in for the Eclipse development framework 
  • Expedite forms creation using predesigned controls and graphics 
  • Automatically link document properties to form fields for advanced indexing 
  • Publish forms to a web server directly from the forms designer 

Portal and Website Integration

  • Enable anyone to submit forms and information, even non-ECM users 
  • Attach documents to a form, sending them directly into the content repository 
  • Use formulas and database values to validate and augment form data 
  • Pass data via parameters to automatically populate fields within a form 
  • Customize the layout of a form based on the user’s role
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