Document Management

If file cabinets, desktop PC folders and sprawling network directories were effective ways to manage information, organizations would not be searching for technologies to replace them. Document management software offers a solution instead of finding yet another way to trap, misplace and mishandle content.

As part of a complete ECM framework, innovative document management products enhance information accessibility, promote organized collaboration and provide content accountability. These functions are indispensable as operations look to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk.

Lasting benefits require the resolution of key document management challenges:

  • Volumes of documents, presentations and other files are being created daily
  • People are sharing information and collaborating on documents informally
  • Untracked content and files are complicating legal and compliance efforts

Inspired by teamwork. Packed with practicality.

Perceptive Software document management products eliminate one of the biggest barriers to greater productivity — unmanaged content creation. As users across an organization create, edit and maintain documents using any desktop application, they can easily apply version control and library services directly from ImageNow, WebNow and a variety of client interfaces, including Microsoft Office.

So at any point in a business process, users can check out the latest version of a document, check in a new version, review a history of revisions, sign the document electronically and more. Perceptive Software makes the following improvements a reality:

  • Documents are created, updated and shared easily in an organized environment
  • Every version of a managed document is protected, accessible and auditable
  • Information across an enterprise is managed in a single, secure repository

Functional by design.

Document management products from Perceptive Software are practical and effortless, supporting the comprehensive requirements for managing business documents and content. Key features include:

Content Authoring Support

  • Access version and document control and library services directly from Microsoft Office
  • Drop management features (web part) right into Microsoft SharePoint® portals
  • Unify and manage content across familiar programs and collaboration spaces

Library Services and Version Control

  • Check in a document to create an original version or submit a revision
  • Check out a document to protect its content integrity while editing
  • Manage multiple versions and view the history of all modifications
  • Promote a previously saved version of a document to the current version
  • Introduce formal electronic document approval to establish authenticity
  • Detail a document’s chain of custody through powerful auditing capabilities

Information Retrieval Options

  • Access managed documents instantly within the context of a process
  • Enhance classification with flexible index values, system data and content
  • Locate specific information in text- or graphical-based documents
  • Use flexible ad hoc, saved and integrated search queries to pinpoint content

Granular Security

  • Grant and revoke individual and group rights to each distinct system function
  • Restrict documents and document types based on a user’s point of access
  • Conceal confidential data while preserving a document’s original integrity
  • Organize all enterprise information in a secure, central electronic repository
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