Business Process Management

ImageNow Business Process Management (BPM) software from Perceptive helps you stay in control of your business operations and generates valuable ideas for process improvement.

End-to-end Visibility and Control

Perceptive BPM is a set of software technologies that provide end-to-end visibility and control over all decision points and execution paths of an information request or transaction that typically is long-lived, involves many steps, and spans multiple applications and organizations. Simply put, Perceptive BPM provides organizational leaders with valuable insight, empowers them to make quick decisions, and most importantly, eliminates chaos and inefficiency that can impact an organization’s competitive advantage.

Success in BPM begins with tools that support transparency, efficiency and flexibility. Nothing’s more important than the speed and ease with which you can respond to changes in management or market trends.

From the first steps of “discovering” your processes to actually controlling their execution, Perceptive BPM helps you learn from the past, get a grip on the present, and anticipate the future.


  • Determine the source of problems, as well as successes
  • Assess compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Compile lead times and process costs


  • Automate processes and manage performance indicators
  • Gain real-time insight into processes and prompt intervention on bottlenecks
  • Allocate distribution of work
  • Fulfill evolving legislative and regulatory requirements


  • Simulate change
  • Forecast capacity needs
  • Calculate process costs

Multi-phase Process Approach

Perceptive BPM is not a single product, but a comprehensive process improvement approach within a set of powerful, integrated tools that support every phase of process management:

  • Process Mining: Exclusive in the BPM market, Process Mining is used for the automatic generation of process definitions from historical data. It allows you visualize past processes and bottlenecks.
  • Modeling: A user-friendly modeling environment allows your staff to model processes themselves.
  • Simulation: Analyze past performance and build scenarios to simulate the future.
  • Case management: Users can jump forward and backward in their processes and approach case information from an ingenious “case overview” perspective.
  • Enterprise Application Integration: leverage your investments in IT by tightly integrating your existing systems in your processes. 
  • Adaptation: Exclusive in the BPM market, adaptation support provides a unique separation of the process from the organization model, giving managers the ability to alter the layout of process management at any given moment in real time.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): See at a glance the performance of a process, teams and individual staff members. In the event of problems, it allows managers to intervene immediately.

Design and Control Your Processes

All Perceptive BPM components are optimally geared and integrated with one another to support the full BPM life cycle. This gives your organization a clear path for growth, from modeling to complete automation of its business processes.

Systematic Guidance with Individualized Flexibility

Perceptive BPM allows you to create structures that guide staff, leading them through processes and helping them focus on the content of their work. It can even generate standardized process documentation to improve user understanding and efficiency.

At the same time, the suite’s unique case management features allow staff to remain in a position to make their own decisions where it is advisable or vital.

Relevant Content + Effective Processes

With its proven suite of pioneering content management products and solutions, Perceptive Software has always focused on resolving the complexities around everyday business processes to provide “Content in Context” — information that’s appropriate to any application you’re using, any task you need to accomplish.

Perceptive BPM complements the core content management capabilities that Perceptive Software has always provided, ensuring both that the most effective core business processes are in place and that the relevant content users need to fuel those processes is easy to access and act on.

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