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Every customer’s configuration of Perceptive Software products is unique, reflecting the wide range of business process challenges and technical infrastructure requirements among ECM buyers. Our account executives and sales engineers work with each business to determine the appropriate products to meet that organization’s needs and objectives.

The Perceptive Software Product Explorer is designed to help you learn about our complete line of ECM products and features from a basic overview of product categories all the way down to specific details. Find what interests you using the navigation bar at left, or select one of the categories below to get started:

Complete Capture Products & Toolkit

Perceptive Software has the most complete capture toolkit in the industry, enabling the collection of documents and digital assets from virtually any input device or output source in any location.

Character and form capture
Turn scanned documents or bitmap-format files into searchable full text. Extract relevant data from any page or form using Perceptive Software character and form capture products.
Desktop capture
Collect and process documents from a wide variety of scanning devices and directly from Windows applications with Perceptive Software desktop capture products. Their flexible configurability supports both centralized and distributed document capture processes across your organization.
MFP-based capture
Benefit from the familiarity and wide distribution of multifunction peripherals in your organization to seamlessly capture and index documents into Perceptive Software’s enterprise-level enterprise content management (ECM) system.
Server-based capture
Cut out costly and time-consuming printing and scanning steps by capturing data and output streams directly from the applications and systems that generate it.

Character and Form Capture

Turn scanned documents or bitmap-format files into searchable full text. Extract relevant data from any page or form using Perceptive Software character and form capture products.

ImageNow DataCapture automates manual completed-course data entry and transcript data collection, accelerating the student admission cycle.
Get fast, accurate OCR performance and advanced line item recognition and data extraction without templates, keywords or dictionaries.
Recognition Agent
Perform OCR on scanned documents to make data available for automated indexing or full-text searching via Perceptive Software ECM systems.

Desktop Capture Products

Whether you need to capture single documents or large batches, Perceptive Software desktop capture products enable the collection and processing of scanned documents from a wide variety of dedicated scanning devices. Their flexible configuration allows the collection of documents from a centralized location or via distributed capture processes across your organization.

Perceptive Software desktop capture products also support integrated quality assurance and, with proper configuration and optional products, automated indexing via OCR and bar code reading.

Import files in their native formats or scan directly from Kofax, ISIS, or TWAIN-compatible scanners. CaptureNow brings ease of use and flexible capture deployment to any ECM setting.

MFP-based Scanning & Capture Products

Make the most of your investment in enterprise-class multifunction devices from leading manufacturers. Our Interact for MFP products let you link multifunction products to the ImageNow enterprise content management system, giving you the ability to decentralize the capture process, extend document workflows and transform routine business document copying into comprehensive information storage and management.

Interact for Dell
Turn Dell multifunction printers into powerful productivity tools that ensure your information, technology and staff are always on the same page.
Interact for eCopy
Make paper-based processes more efficient — directly from the touch screen of any eCopy-enabled multifunction product (MFP).
Turn Lexmark multifunction printers into powerful productivity tools that ensure your information, technology and staff are always on the same page.
Interact for Xerox
Transform the way your organization manages its documents using the touch screen of Xerox EIP multifunction printers.

Server-based Capture Products

Information you need to keep — and locate within everyday business process — comes in many forms. Select the ECM system that supports every form of electronic capture, from file import to print streams to e-mail and fax capture.

Conversion Module
Automatically convert files from a variety of formats to industry-standard Group 4 TIFF, allowing annotation and automatic watermarking.
Direct Print Capture
Convert print stream data into a combination of TIFF images and physical printed output, with the option of extracting text content from the print stream for indexing.
ERM Server
Capture, import, index and intelligently retrieve high-volume print output, such as invoices, statements, inventory reports, loss runs, tax forms, and other reports.
Fax Agent
Automatically capture high volumes of inbound faxes and import them directly into ImageNow. Additionally, send outbound faxes directly from ImageNow.
Import Agent (feature)
Perform bulk importing of any digital file into ImageNow, through an automated import process that requires no user interaction.
Mail Agent
Reduce manual e-mail management processes by automatically importing e-mail and attachments from a virtually unlimited number of e-mail accounts, making them more readily available to authorized users through the ImageNow ECM user interface.

Business Process Management Product

Submit, route, version, manage, assign, export, print, analyze — The combination of actions that make up the everyday steps of your business processes are unique to your organization. Perceptive Software Business Process products equip you with effective and readily customizable tools that can produce measurable gains in productivity and security, regardless of your industry.

Discover, model and analyze your business processes, then automate process execution and management.
Business Insight
Improve process and workflow efficiencies with advanced analytics tools and reporting that offers a global view of your system and its current configurations.
Digital Signatures (feature)
Heighten the security of your document review and approval processes, while improving regulatory compliance, with digital signatures that cannot be forged.
Document Control Suite
Control and track document versioning through both ImageNow and other business automation applications.
ImageNow eForms
Eliminate or reduce the use of paper forms with personalized, virtual documents accessible via portal, website, and ImageNow or WebNow client environments.
ImageNow Tasks (feature)
Assign ImageNow users individual or collaborative tasks to drive workflow and ensure accountability. Then, track what’s been done and still needs to be done.
ImageNow Workflow (feature)
Improve staff productivity and speed business processes by creating rapidly customizable workflows that direct documents to the right users.
Create and deliver customized correspondence and documentation without time-consuming data gathering or manual document assembly.
Output Agent
Quickly and efficiently print and export documents from ImageNow in a variety of converted formats, enhancing output flexibility for any business process.
Perceptive eAuthorize
For ImageNow users, and non-users who need to review and sign their documents, eAuthorize removes barriers, eliminates inefficiencies and mitigates risks in the signing process.
Perceptive Reflect
Turn raw data from information system log and audit files into valuable insights about the efficiency of your business processes.
Retention Policy Manager
Track, audit and discover documents and content— from creation through final disposition—within an enterprise content management system that easily integrates with your enterprise software.
Smart Redaction (software/service offering)
Multiple, customizable automated redaction methods ensure the effective masking of sensitive, confidential, or legally significant information, without compromising the original content.

ECM Application Integration Products

For efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use, connect your ECM with the applications you use every day! The ImageNow lineup from Perceptive Software offers a wide variety of programmatic and non-programmatic integration products and features.

Take storage security to another level, automate SAP accounting transactions, and communicate with HL7-based systems through a combination of dedicated integration connectors.
External Application
Discover the advantages of bringing ImageNow ECM functionality directly into the interface of third-party applications such as ESRI, Microsoft Office, and SharePoint.
ImageNow provides a full set of capabilities for integrating with your applications, whether you need point-and-click simplicity, Java-based programmability, or Web services flexibility.

ECM System Platform Products & Features

Perceptive Software Platform products form the core of every ImageNow configuration, providing a solid base on which to build an ECM system that meets your specific needs.

ImageNow Clients
Select from dedicated Windows-based clients, browser-based clients, and Web services-based tools to create your own access points.
ImageNow Server
The high-performance ImageNow Server can support a single workgroup or a rapidly growing enterprise, and offers options to meet unique customer requirements.
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