Price, Promotion and Product Mix Optimization

Why IBM DemandTec for Price, Promotion and Product Mix Optimization?

IBM® DemandTec® solutions help retailers and consumer products companies understand, plan, and predict marketing and merchandising activities through a scientific understanding of consumer demand. These solutions empower retailers and consumer products companies to make sound decisions for assortment, pricing, promotion, and marketing activities and position them to win.

Our cloud-based analytics solutions are built on a fundamental principle — that changes in one of these disciplines affects the others. That's why we designed our analytics and software solutions to give your organization an edge over the competition through higher growth, lower costs, and better control as we help you collaborate more effectively with internal departments and trading partners. With DemandTec solutions for Price, Promotion and Product Mix Optimization, retailers and consumer product companies benefit from:

IBM DemandTec solutions can help your business thrive by offering deep insights into your marketing and merchandising decisions and helping to enable more meaningful collaboration internally and with your trading partners. With the help of IBM DemandTec solutions, you can be better prepared to stand out and win in today’s business environment.

Products Overview

Shoppers today enjoy more choices than ever... In a world of empowered consumers, with declining loyalty and increasing choice, retailers and consumer products companies must be shopper focused. The more organizations understand the shoppers they are targeting, the more appealing they can be. In today’s world, a shopper-centric approach is more vital than ever.

To that end, IBM® DemandTec® solutions are designed to make your organization more shopper-centric — to optimize your merchandising, sales and marketing strategies and make the most of every relationship. IBM DemandTec solutions offer some of the most comprehensive and viable shopper insight available — insight that is designed to power revolutionary, collaborative decision-making across organizations. Our solutions can take you beyond what was previously possible and help you to:

IBM DemandTec brings consumer products companies and retailers a like you a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help you collaborate and plan — integrated solutions that bring merchandising, sales and marketing functions closer together.


IBM DemandTec Price Optimization

Enables retailers to run pricing simulation and optimization scenarios based on defined objectives.


IBM DemandTec Promotion Optimization

Enables retailers to determine the optimal promotions for accomplishing merchandising and marketing objectives.


IBM DemandTec Assortment Optimization

Provides a collaborative approach for manufacturers and retailers to more effectively define localized merchandise assortments.


IBM DemandTec Markdown Optimization

Enables retailers to plan and optimize pricing, profit and inventory levels for merchandise leaving the assortment.

IBM DemandTec Customer Trade Planning

Enables manufacturers to understand, plan and predict trade activity outcomes, including macro and event level pricing, feature and display.


IBM DemandTec Strategic Trade Planning

Enables manufacturers to understand, plan and predict macro marketing and trade promotion outcomes.

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