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Tealeaf Customer Experience Management solutions provide critical visibility, insight, and answers for companies that must improve online conversion and customer retention objectives. Our solutions optimize e-business by eliminating obstacles that block successful conversions or transactions. Customer Experience Management's deep insights enable companies to answer the most compelling, yet difficult questions that plague e-business executives:

Our solutions also seamlessly integrate with business applications such as Customer Relationship Management, data analytics or web analytics to provide comprehensive and quantifiable analyses, further enhancing and improving the digital experience for customers.


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Tealeaf cxImpact

Provides fast visibility into the hidden problems that can impact your business, helping you detect, quantify and resolve issues and sources of customer struggle.


Tealeaf cxOverstat

Helps improve campaign performance and content placement and optimize a site’s page flows with intuitive, visual analytics such as heat maps, attention maps and link and form analytics.

Tealeaf CX Mobile

Enables organizations to capture, replay and understand the experiences of customers who access web properties from mobile devices.

Tealeaf cxReveal

Gives customer service teams fast access to both live and historical customer activities on your web site. These activities can be accessed and replayed from existing customer relationship management (CRM) consoles.

CEM Overview

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management solutions help customer-centric organizations deliver better digital customer experience. From e-commerce professionals, to digital marketers and business executives, as well as IT and customer service staff, IBM Tealeaf solutions provide an incisive "view" of the digital customer that empowers organizations to deliver better web and mobile experiences and provide more effective customer service. IBM Tealeaf solutions help companies increase online conversation rates, raise customer retention rates and improve customer satisfaction. Customer Experience Management solutions are an integral offering in the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management product suite.

Using groundbreaking technology, IBM Tealeaf solutions capture and record every digital customer interaction, and how the site or application responds in real-time. By capturing every customer visit, IBM Tealeaf solutions visualize the qualitative details of every single interaction, uniquely helping businesses understand user actions and unexpected business results. This rich customer experience dataset then fuels quantitative assessments of the negative business impact that results from customer’s online or mobile struggles, and helps prioritize opportunities for improvement and innovation.

With IBM Tealeaf solutions, e-businesses benefit from:

For any online business facing pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs, Customer Experience Management is an essential. IBM Tealeaf solutions provide the ability to pinpoint customer struggles on websites in real-time. Organizations can intercept problem spots and remove roadblocks to maximize conversions, revenue and customer loyalty.

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