SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion: Advanced web content management capabilities to deploy and manage large-scale, persuasive, and interactive web experiences. Realize efficiencies and content reuse by seamlessly accessing EMC Documentum content flagged for sharing directly from the SDL Tridion interface.

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Seamless Documentum Access

SDL Tridion enables you to integrate enterprise content management (ECM) with web content management and maintain version control, security, and process.
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Consolidated Reporting

Leverage investments in existing ECM with the centralized auditing and reporting capabilities provided by Documentum.
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Workflow Management

Use the power of Documentum workflow management to approve and enable web-ready content for publishing.


  • EMC Documentum Connector for SDL Tridion

    EMC Documentum Connector for SDL Tridion integrates seamlessly with SDL Tridion. It enables Documentum to serve as the primary repository for web-ready content that can be accessed directly through the SDL Tridion user interface.

    Documentum Connector for SDL Tridion also provides a two-way link so that SDL Tridion can report content usage data back to EMC Documentum, resulting in a single-source for reporting purposes. SDL Tridion’s web content management capabilities aim to complement and enhance the powerful capabilities of the EMC Documentum content platform.

    The seamless EMC Documentum-SDL Tridion integration provides a powerful yet simplified and controlled way of managing web content for the enterprise.
  • SDL Tridion Content Manager

    SDL Tridion Content Manager provides comprehensive web content management for building, deploying, and managing large-scale, compelling web sites. Designed for professional marketing users, the high performance and scalability of SDL Tridion Content Manager ensure the dynamic delivery of multilingual content across a multisite platform.

    Together, EMC Documentum and SDL Tridion Content Manager provide organizations with the capabilities they need to create compelling experiences while driving critical efficiencies. EMC Documentum web content management (WCM) products—in conjunction with SDL Tridion Content Manager—extend these capabilities with social media, web analytics, and personalization capabilities.

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