My Documentum

EMC My Documentum: Enterprise content management services and simplified information access within the EMC Documentum infrastructure using clients from popular desktop and familiar business applications.

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Simplified Access

My Documentum provides access to the repository directly from your desktop with a simple user interface.
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Native Outlook Experience

Bring enterprise content management to everyone via Microsoft Outlook’s familiar user interface.
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SharePoint Search

Quickly locate items in the EMC Documentum repository directly within Microsoft SharePoint.
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Offline Access

Open the latest document versions through the My Documentum folder when not connected to the repository.

EMC My Documentum for Desktop

Enterprises can deliver content management functionality directly to users’ desktops. My Documentum for Desktop extends popular desktop systems and exposes commonly used Documentum content management capabilities, allowing managed, secure Documentum content to be easily accessed.

EMC My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook

Users realize immediate productivity gains with simple features such as content sharing and versioning while gaining access to an extensive range of content management capabilities. My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook improves compliance with corporate governance efforts by allowing users to archive email and associated attachments into scalable, secure repository folders governed by corporate retention policies.

EMC My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint

Gain direct access to the Documentum content server natively through the SharePoint interface. My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint leverages the SharePoint user interface and provides access to document lifecycles, business process management capabilities, subscriptions, and rendition services—all from a familiar SharePoint interface.

EMC My Documentum for Offline

Enterprises can deliver content management functionality directly to popular business applications. My Documentum for Offline gives transparent access to content in the repository, allowing users to edit, add, delete, and subscribe to content when not connected to the server.

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