Information Rights Management (IRM)

EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM): Unauthorized access prevention to secured content, enabling organizations to maintain control of information rights beyond the firewall.

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Persistent Protection

Information Rights Management provides security for documents, messages, and attachments while in transit, at rest, and after delivery.
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Dynamic Policy Control

Allow content owners to define or change information rights and recall or expire content after distribution.
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Continuous Audit Trail

Track all activity associated with secured content to demonstrate proof of compliance with security policies.


EMC Documentum Information Rights Management
Whether you’re using Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, or Lotus Notes email or PDFs, Information Rights Management (IRM) provides you with the access to control, secure, and track sensitive information wherever it resides—inside or outside the firewall. It enhances document security by applying rights for who can view, edit, print, or forward information, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure as it’s shared both internally and externally.

Leveraging existing investments in email gateways and portal technology, IRM can dynamically change access policies to confirm compliance with corporate policies.

EMC Documentum IRM Client for E-Mail
You gain complete control over email messages and attachments, protecting content both during and after delivery—unlike traditional secure delivery solutions. IRM Client for E-mail enhances your document security by keeping messages and attachments confidential and tamper-proof no matter where they're distributed or stored.

This sophisticated information rights management application also gives you a detailed audit trail, providing proof of compliance with corporate security policies and regulatory requirements.

EMC Documentum IRM Client for Microsoft Office
A powerful tool for securely sharing and collaborating on sensitive Microsoft Office files like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, IRM Client for Microsoft Office enhances your document security by encrypting and persistently protecting files at rest, in transit, and even while they're being viewed by recipients. With this powerful information rights management application, you have the freedom to collaborate with colleagues and business partners anywhere while ensuring that sensitive information doesn't end up where it shouldn't.

EMC Documentum IRM Client for PDF
You can enhance your document security with IRM Client for PDF, which gives content owners control over proprietary information. You can dynamically control information by allowing content owners to decide who can view, copy, print, and forward documents and who cannot.

Deploy this flexible information rights management application to empower content owners to expire or revoke document access even after delivery outside of the corporate firewall.

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