EMC Digital Asset Management

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Management: Rich media management software to fully leverage the value of digital assets. Documentum Digital Asset Management offers powerful administration, transformation, and intellectual property rights management capabilities.

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Powerful Transformations

Documentum Digital Asset Management transforms and analyzes rich media content either automatically or manually.
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Brand Protection

Protect the brand, reduce costs, and work with rich media.
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Streamlined Access

Enhance marketing access and management of rich digital media.
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Property rights extension

Capture and extend intellectual property rights associated with digital assets.


EMC Documentum Connector for InDesign

EMC Documentum Connector for InDesign provides a set of plug-ins for Adobe’s popular page layout and design tools. InDesign users gain access to content and content management functions when creating and editing digital assets. With these plug-ins—designed to work with File Share Services, a component of My Documentum—creative users get content into and out of Documentum much easier and with minimal training.

Connector for InDesign works with My Documentum for Desktop. Users can also gain access through other popular creative tools such as Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer with My Documentum for Desktop.

Connector for InDesign features include:

  • Lightweight content management tools – Open, edit, and save repository content directly within popular page layout and design tools
  • Versioning support – Gain support for versioning page layouts and changed embedded images with each “save” within the authoring tool
  • Automatic virtual document creation – Link the master page layout with the specific version of each image contained in that layout
  • Simultaneous object editing – Automatically extract embedded images as separate objects with a single “save” of the page layout file
  • Automated PDF generation – Automatically generate a proof or print-quality PDF rendition when importing or checking in the page layout

EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services

Content Transformation Services (CTS) is a suite of five server-side products that provide content transformation and analysis.

Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS)
Extend the capabilities of Document Transformation Services by simplifying the process of creating complex PDF renditions which retain bookmarks, hyperlinks, and URLs and gaining additional format transformations and metadata extraction support.

Audio Video Transformation Services (AVTS)
Address the specific demands of audio and video, two of the most complex and data-intensive file types. Manage characteristics such as frame rate, bit rate, resolution, and encoding and ease the task of meeting channel requirements.

Document Transformation Services (DTS)
Automate and standardize the conversion of typical desktop document formats such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint into PDF and HTML, the two most common publishing formats.

Media Transformation Services (MTS)
Perform all the necessary analysis and transformation activities that enable media files to be easily found, accessed, shared, and archived.

XML Transformation Services (XTS)
Transform and render XML documents into a variety of formats for customers that want to leverage the power behind authoring and manage their content in XML.

Content Transformation Services features include:

  • PDF manipulation – Modify and optimize existing PDF content for the Web with predefined, configurable transformations
  • Thumbnail/storyboard support – Automatically generate low-resolution images of content for a visual snapshot without exporting
  • Workflow activities – Automatically transform media to different formats during activities such as review and approval or upload and download
  • Rich media attribution – Quickly locate content that has been checked into the EMC Documentum repository by searching for attributes
  • Extensive format transformations – Convert XML content into web formats, mobile formats, PDF, help file formats, Rich Text Format (RTF), and PostScript

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is a set of powerful administration, transformation, and intellectual property rights management capabilities that fully leverage the value of digital assets. Its interface takes advantage of the complete set of content management capabilities offered by the EMC Documentum platform and manages all content through a single web-based interface.

Digital Asset Manager provides administration functions that are needed to help achieve business objectives by reducing marketing costs, protecting brands, and using rich media in marketing.

Digital Asset Manager features include:

  • File transformations – Set up, create, and modify profiles to automatically transform digital media into multiple formats and renditions
  • Intellectual property rights management – Capture intellectual property rights associated with assets and extend to third-party rights tools
  • Thumbnail display – View the contents of any folder or the results of any search via thumbnails and a magnified inline preview
  • Active preview – Examine contents of multipage documents with a web-based document preview and storyboard navigation interface
  • Collections – Create and manage a collection of content to share, download, or transform into specific formats
  • Rendition/relation browsing – Navigate to all renditions of particular assets such as a low-resolution or web-ready version of a file
  • Advanced search and collaboration – Use Documentum federated search and collaboration features

EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace

EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace is a next-generation interactive marketing application with new features that fully leverage the value of digital media. It takes advantage of a powerful set of digital asset management technologies.

A streamlined, dynamic user interface allows components to be easily added or removed from view to enable users to personalize their work environment. Media WorkSpace helps reduce marketing costs, protect brands, and use rich media in marketing.

Media WorkSpace features include:

  • Video management – Manage video renditions and subclips for popular formats such as Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, and Real Video
  • Image management – View, annotate, and collaborate on images such as discussion comments, ratings, and notes
  • Presentation building – Create, review, and share PowerPoint presentations and access slide notes within a Web browser
  • Inbox and alert routing capabilities – Route assets to users for review, approval, and signoff based on Documentum workflows
  • Multiple views and active previews – View lists, thumbnails, and storyboards and provide custom display and preview without downloading
  • Collections and comparisons – Create, manage, share, compare, or download grouped content to enable collaboration
  • Quick, easy asset location – Search for images, videos, and presentations or specify advanced criteria including custom attributes
  • Asynchronous content transfer – Complete other tasks while bulk uploading or downloading of assets

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