EMC Captiva Embeddable Capture Technologies

ISIS and PixTools provide more flexibility  than TWAIN

More Control

Unlike the TWAIN standard, ISIS and PixTools allow developers complete control over the user experience, including features such as display, file writing, and printing – just three of the many functions that cannot be controlled using TWAIN.
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More Flexibility

Rapidly develop capture solutions or enhance existing applications with imaging capabilities—including zero footprint scanning and web-based imaging functionality—that reliably communicate with hundreds of scanners using ISIS and TWAIN.
ISIS and PixTools provide more flexibility  than TWAIN

More Support

Unlike TWAIN, ISIS and PixTools provide consistent support for more than 400 ISIS-compatible scanners. Your applications will work more reliably and you won’t need to test and development individually for each new scanner you want to support.


  • Captiva Cloud Toolkit

    Use this scanning software SDK to quickly enable web-based applications to capture paper documents.
  • Captiva ISIS Drivers

    Ensure document capture between most scanners and imaging applications, while reducing development time and costs.
  • Captiva PixTools Toolkit

    Simplify document capture using scanning software for quickly creating applications that scan and capture documents.

Captiva Cloud Toolkit

EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit is a software developer kit (SDK) comprised of modules that help web application developers to quickly add scanning and imaging functionality directly to their web-based business applications. Captiva Cloud Toolkit is ideal for document capture vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises that want to create custom web-based applications that are fully scan-enabled complimenting their business solution offerings.

Using the Captiva Cloud Toolkit, developers can quickly create a working scan-enabled web-based business application in as little as one week. As a result, time to market is shortened and development, testing, and support costs are greatly reduced. Also, the enterprise's return on investment is quickly achieved and its ability to compete in an increasingly competitive distributed document capture market is accelerated.

EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit delivers:

  • Scanning — Leverages the power of ISIS and allows access to basic and advanced scanner features; also provides connectivity to TWAIN-based devices.
  • No ActiveX plug-ins — No ActiveX plug-ins required on the document scanner workstation.
  • Cross-browser support — Support for popular browser platforms like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Web development platform support — Support for web development platforms like Silverlight, JavaScript, and Flash.
  • Web-services enabled — Provided with web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing and controlling the document scanner features.

Captiva ISIS Drivers

EMC Captiva ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) Drivers use an industry-standard interface that works with more than 400 scanners and many imaging applications. ISIS Drivers ensure that scanners run at their rated speeds and take full advantage of the power inherent in the hardware.

The ISIS Drivers are based on software components that perform specific functions such as image acquisition, file conversion, and read/write commands. ISIS Drivers help reduce development time, improve security and reliability, and optimize the scanner's performance, so developers can add new functionality without making system-wide changes.

EMC Captiva ISIS Drivers deliver:

  • Scanner compatibility — Provide scanner support for more than 400 ISIS scanners.
  • ISO standard backed by AIIM — Reduce development time with scanner drivers, as well as predefined imaging modules.
  • Modular, message-based architecture — Achieve better security and reliability through optimized scanning performance of ISIS Drivers.
  • User interface separate from driver — Insulate the application from the ISIS scanner by relying upon an industry standard.
  • Fully utilized scanner features — Ensure that ISIS scanners operate at rated speeds and take full advantage of their capabilities.

Captiva PixTools Toolkit

EMC Captiva PixTools Toolkit is a software development kit specifically built for imaging capture, including scanning, viewing, and image processing. PixTools Toolkit is ideal for developers building centralized or distributed document-capture applications that require document imaging capabilities.

Developers can use the PixTools Toolkit to create document-capture applications in as little as one day. PixTools Toolkit leverages Captiva ISIS drivers to ensure hardware scanners work seamlessly with the document imaging application.

Download your trial software and learn how EMC helps commercial software developers like you quickly embed document capture capabilities and content management tools into existing products and applications.

EMC Captiva PixTools Toolkit delivers:

  • Scanner compatibility — Provide scanner support for over 400 ISIS scanner models.
  • Fully utilized scanner features — Ensure that ISIS scanners operate at rated speeds and take full advantage of their capabilities.
  • Easy image viewing — Support viewing of images, file conversion, image compression, and annotation.
  • Image enhancement and processing — Automatically clean up images, read barcodes, reduce file size, improve image clarity, and more.

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