Documentum xCP Business Process Management

EMC Documentum xCP Business Process Management: A BPM software suite for automating, managing, and improving business processes involving people, information, and systems.

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Increase productivity and reduce cycle times with process automation and a configurable Web-based user interface that unites process and content management.
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Extract information from process content to drive better decisions and improve service levels. Analyze process data to streamline business operations.
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Respond to customers faster and adapt quickly to new business opportunities through automation, analytics, and continuous process improvement.
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Meet compliance needs and reduce risk with automated enforcement of policies, process repeatability, and full audit trails.


The EMC Documentum xCP family delivers business process management through the following product offerings:

  • EMC Documentum xCP User
  • EMC Documentum xCP User licenses a set of integrated components for case management and business process management applications. xCP User is made up of the following modules:
  • Process Engine: Orchestrate and automate business processes by applying business rules and assigning process tasks to the correct system, group, or individual.
  • Process Integrator: Integrate business processes across enterprise applications using standards-based messaging to exchange data and trigger actions.
  • Business Activity Monitor: Monitor and optimize business activities using real-time dashboards and alerts to track key performance indicators and inform business decisions.
  • Multi-Channel Forms: Reduce costly paper-based processing with electronic, multi-channel forms to capture and validate data within business processes.
  • TaskSpace: Improve process worker efficiency with a configurable role-based user interface for driving work forward and managing document workflow. 

EMC Documentum xCP Process Analyzer

EMC Documentum xCP Process Analyzer licenses a set of graphical tools which aid process improvement through the discovery, analysis, and modeling of business processes. Your business analysts can create highly descriptive process models and associate detailed metadata with process activities and tasks.

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