EMC ApplicationXtender is an instant document management solution that minimizes the costs and risks of paper while increasing productivity by streamlining the capture and management of documents. ApplicationXtender scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information, while providing role-based access from either a desktop interface or web browser.

Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender can be deployed right out of the box to provide instant document imaging and retention management capabilities as well as immediate integration with Microsoft Office.

EMC ApplicationXtender delivers:

  • Information security — Leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access.
  • Protection beyond the firewall — Secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall.
  • Access control — Specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information.
  • User-driven controls — Empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information.
  • Version control — Ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users

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EMC ApplicationXtender Capture Package

EMC ApplicationXtender Capture Package enables fast, efficient document imaging, including both high-speed batch scans and configurable queue processing. It is feature-rich and easy to use, allowing for large-volume image acquisition and indexing. ApplicationXtender Capture Package integrates seamlessly with EMC ApplicationXtender and is a key component of a complete, high-volume image capture solution.

EMC ApplicationXtender Capture Package delivers:

  • Easy installation, configuration, and operation — Rapidly deploy ApplicationXtender Capture Package to address document imaging requirements.
  • Full-featured batch-scan and index — Perform all major batch-scan and index functions including input, import, index, and output processing.
  • Multiple workstations — Simultaneously index information from one batch on multiple workstations to quickly import scanned images.

EMC ApplicationXtender Connector

EMC ApplicationXtender Connector enables the seamless integration of business applications to ApplicationXtender—without requiring initial programming or on-going maintenance.

With ApplicationXtender Connector, employees can access information quickly and easily from virtually any business application, including Microsoft Office products, mainframe terminal emulators, and browser-based applications, to make better decisions faster and deliver higher levels of customer service.

EMC ApplicationXtender Connector delivers:

  • Point-and-click document access — Enable knowledge workers to retrieve documents and information from the ApplicationXtender repository without leaving their line-of-business applications.
  • Maximized investments — Eliminate wasteful redundancies by seamlessly integrating existing applications via ApplicationXtender Integration Module.
  • No required programming — Easily integrate with applications such as Microsoft Office products, mainframe terminal emulators, and browser-based solutions.
  • Floating icon “drop target” — Enable users to capture any value, even from within a web page, to retrieve linked information from the repository.

EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search

Precise search results delivered quickly and efficiently increase productivity by helping knowledge workers make better decisions faster. EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search helps users discover information easily and put it to work immediately.

ApplicationXtender Full Text Search provides the ability to navigate files and content quickly to expedite the information discovery process and reduce the risks associated with managing vast volumes of unstructured information. With ApplicationXtender Full Text Search, knowledge workers can even combine keyword and full-text searches to return the most precise search results with just a single query.

EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search delivers:

  • Precise search results — Combine keyword and full-text searches to quickly return precise search results.
  • Advanced search functions — Perform advanced search functions such as typo, thesaurus, stemming, proximity, and wildcard searches without complex search syntax.
  • Support for hundreds of file formats — Search more than 200 file formats out of the box.
  • Role-based information access — Ensure appropriate access to information through role-based user access.

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. Able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional computer output to laser disk (COLD) text formats, ApplicationXtender Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film, and microfiche.

ApplicationXtender Reports Management is an electronic reports management (ERM) solution that maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replication in PDF format. It also provides a powerful data extraction tool for intelligent parsing and indexing of reports.

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management delivers:

  • Automatic report indexing — Process, index, and store reports within ApplicationXtender as they are produced.
  • Advanced print streams support — Preserve advanced formatting with support for AFP, Metacode, PCL, and PDF print streams as well as traditional formats such as ASCII and EBCDIC.
  • Dynamic print streams — Comingle print streams and leverage dynamic formatting within print streams.
  • High-fidelity electronic display — Display electronic reports in same format as print versions, improving customer service.
  • System monitoring — Audit system use and performance and confirm job completion.
  • Long-term report archiving — Provide long-term retention of report information.

EMC ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager

EMC ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager provides a full range of business process management capabilities to improve business performance and reduce costs. By transforming paper-based processes, Workflow Manager helps ensure that better decisions are made faster, cycle times are reduced, and process bottlenecks are proactively discovered and addressed without requiring IT intervention.

Workflow Manager provides process and forms design, business analysis tools, and the ability to manage business processes centrally. Built on Microsoft.NET, Workflow Manager easily integrates with existing applications to improve efficiency in document-based business processes.

EMC ApplicationXtender Workflow manager delivers:

  • Workflow console — Manage, integrate, and categorize manual and automated processes from a central dashboard.
  • Process and forms designers — Model new processes and forms with easy-to-use, web-based editors.
  • Insightful workflow analytics — Optimize processes with powerful tools such as real time alerts, 3D drill-down graphs, and process statistics.
  • Robust process reporting — Establish key performance indicators and business activity thresholds to monitor processes and measure productivity.

EMC Documentum IRM Services for ApplicationXtender

Information security breaches are usually the result of insiders taking or sending confidential material beyond an organization’s walls. Fortunately, maintaining persistent control of information is now possible, even if a document passes beyond the firewall.

EMC Documentum IRM Services for ApplicationXtender provides information control by assigning rights protection policies to documents as they exit or are emailed from the ApplicationXtender repository. IRM Services for ApplicationXtender integrates dynamic rights management capabilities into document management solutions so information security can be maintained, regardless of where the information resides.

EMC Documentum IRM Services for ApplicationXtender delivers:

  • Information security — Leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access.
  • Protection beyond the firewall — Secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall.
  • Access control — Specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information.
  • User-driven controls — Empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information.
  • Version control — Ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users
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EMC Documentum Products

ApplicationXtender: Integrate information and improve reports management with instant document capture and information management.

Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture Solutions: Transform paper from a liability into business advantage by converting your paper, faxes, and other content into application-ready information.

Captiva Embeddable Capture Technologies: EMC Captiva Embeddable Capture Technologies use the ISIS standard to maximize performance and provide consistent functionality for scanners and imaging applications.

CenterStage: Use modern information management throughout the extended enterprise.

Documentum D2: Simplify your document lifecycle management and enhance your user experience.

Documentum Mobile: Get mobile access to your enterprise content management to browse rich media, participate in business processes, and collaborate while on the go.

Documentum xCP Business Process Management: Manage business processes to increase operational efficiency, make better decisions, and reduce compliance risk.

Documentum xCP Application Composition: Rapidly build BPM and case management applications using graphical business process modeling, electronic forms, and UI design tools.

Documentum xCP Application xCelerators: Create Documentum xCP Case and Content Management solutions using pre-built software accelerators and sample applications.

Document Sciences xPression Enterprise Edition: Generate highly customized and personalized multichannel customer communications for delivery via print, email, Web, fax, and mobile device.

Document Sciences xPression Documentum Edition: Automates the generation of highly customized and personalized multichannel customer correspondence within your Documentum environment.

Document Sciences xTest: Automatically compare print streams to identify changes and improve document testing—saving time, eliminating errors, and reducing costs.

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Rich media management software to fully leverage the value of digital assets.

Documentum Interactive Delivery Services (IDS): Automatically export content and metadata from EMC Documentum Content Server to a cached repository and effectively manage the web cache environment.

Information Rights Management (IRM): Manage sensitive information wherever it resides to ensure document security.

My Documentum: Empower information access through familiar applications to leverage enterprise content management services.

Records Manager (RM): Manage certified records and automate retention and disposition of physical and electronic information.

Retention Policy Services (RPS): Automate the retention and disposition of records in compliance with regulations and best practices.

SDL Tridion: Integrate content and metadata seamlessly with SDL Tridion and EMC Documentum Content Server for efficient web content publishing.

Trusted Content Services: Advance document security controls with specialized encryption, access control, and digital shredding.

Webtop: Gain quick access to information of all types and expose the full range of Documentum services.

The EMC Documentum platform provides essential capabilities for managing enterprise content and is the foundation for our enterprise content management and intelligent case management offerings. The Documentum platform adheres to the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard and supports a broad range of operating systems, databases, application servers, and enterprise applications.

The Documentum platform delivers:

  • Industry-leading content managementReduce risk with a proven, powerful platform
  • Unified platform and code baseSimplify administration, security, and user management
  • Open, standards-based architectureSupport diverse environments within a service-oriented architecture
  • Content analytics and federated searchImprove search results with automatic metadata extraction, auto-classification, and federated search
  • Compliance and securityControl repository access and improve compliance through fine-grained authentication, authorization, and auditing
  • Global distributed deploymentsSupport global environments with multilanguage support and localization

EMC Documentum Platform Extensions

EMC Documentum platform extensions ensure high performance in globally distributed enterprise content management environments with high-volume transactional storage. Documentum platform extensions include a highly scalable repository for store-and-retrieval applications that require rapid content ingestion, efficient database storage, and secure access.

Documentum Platform Extensions deliver:

  • High-volume transactional content and processingIngest rapidly and process high volumes of content and metadata
  • Lightweight system objectsReduce database footprint to lower associated storage and maintenance costs
  • Bidirectional, commodity hardware cachesRead/write content to ensure high-performance, low-latency response times
  • Policy-based storage optimizationReduce storage costs by compressing files and distributing content across storage tiers
  • Storage platform integrationsAccess transparently NetApp SnapLock addressed storage or EMC Atmos cloud storage
  • Out-of-the-box and custom reportsWrite and access reports based on templates or embedded Crystal Reports

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