Autonomy WorkSite

WorkSite is an information management module used to retain and track all content while enabling accessibility to authorized individuals from any device or access point, including desktops and laptops, the internet, client facing extranets, and mobile devices, including the iPad.

Autonomy WorkSite provides organizations the ability to implement working practices consistent with their policies while enabling collaboration across distributed teams. Documents—both paper and electronic—records, e-mail messages, and other media are consolidated in a central library that is easy to navigate, effective and efficient in ensuring that all content remains accessible with the ability to share and reuse it.  The users or file owners manage access and security to workspaces, encouraging collaboration and reducing the demands on the IT organization.

Product Features

  • Robust Document Management - Automatically manages documents, case files, and emails to ensure compliance and productivity
  • Powerful Offline Capabilities - Provides the industry's most powerful offline capabilities, enabling remote users to access documents as safely and securely as online users
  • Advanced Search and Retrieval - Powered by IDOL, Worksite provides a conceptual and contextual understanding of electronic data with unmatched accuracy of results
  • Extranet Access - Enable secure information sharing with client parties through a web browser, without compromising security, to improve client service and increase client renewal

Product Benefits

  • Unmatched Usability - Intuitive user interfaces minimize the user training required, keep TCO low, and drive user adoption
  • 24/7 Access - Reliable mobile and offline access to email and the matter content ensure high customer service levels at all times
  • Centralized Control - Manage all electronic and paper documents, including email, voice, video, and scanned images within a single infrastructure
  • Robust Security - WorkSite has the ability to control system functionality and content access at the object level based on user's group or role
  • Business Continuity - Clustering and load balancing ensure performance, fault tolerance, high availability and business continuity

Product Differentiators

  • End-to-End Platform - The only information management solution on a single, scalable platform with the ability to seamlessly connect to a full spectrum solutions spanning the entire EDRM
  • Unparalleled Information Access - The ability to connect to more than 400 repositories and support more than 1,000 file types across over 100 languages
  • Petabyte Scalability - WorkSite has petabyte scalability, allowing WorkSite to grow to meet all business needs
  • Proven Solution - WorkSite is used by more than 1,400 law firms to connect seamlessly with client data from more than 20,000 corporations

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