Autonomy TeleForm

Autonomy TeleForm automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies, creating accurate process-ready content in real-time.  By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, Autonomy TeleForm streamlines document-driven business processes and delivers significant and rapid return on investment.

TeleForm is a multi-channel solution for capturing information from documents received via post, fax, email, the internet and mobile devices. Using advanced recognition and pattern matching technologies powered by IDOL, TeleForm understands all document types, structured and unstructured, providing unrivalled flexibility to leverage the benefits of automation across the enterprise.

Product Features

  • Multi-channel capture - Captures information from documents received via post, fax, email, the internet and mobile devices
  • Intelligent Document Classification – Automatically categorizes captured content by leveraging IDOL’s ability to understand the concepts in even the most complex documents
  • Intelligent Document Recognition - Extracts individual fields, multiple lines or entire tables of information 
  • Remote capture - Captures documents at the point they are received using remote capture via ftp and the internet to eliminate shipping costs and delays
  • Mobile capture - Uses your mobile device like a scanner with autom image correction 
  • Validation – Uses business rules and logic to implement checksum algorithms, perform cross-field validation and verifies information against external data sources

Product Benefits

  • Improve customer, supplier and employee service by initiating business processes as soon as documents are received, reducing latency and delays
  • Reduce the cost of manual document sorting and data entry by up to 80% in individual departments or across the organization
  • Minimize the risk of fines and damage to business reputation that arise from non-compliance by ensuring that paper-based information is stored securely 
  • Improve staff productivity by allowing knowledge workers to focus on value-adding tasks rather than time-consuming document sorting and data entry
  • Ensure business continuity in the event of flood, fire and other catastrophic events by reducing the amount of unsecured paper moving around the organization
  • Improve control by tracking and auditing documents from the point they are received at central and remote sites
  • Improve visibility of information within the organization by converting paper documents into electronic information that can be shared easily between multiple employees and departments
  • Increase data quality by eliminating human data entry errors, reducing costly and disruptive exceptions in downstream business processes
  • Free-up expensive office space by eliminating on-site long-term paper storage requirements

Product Differentiators

  • Provides a single scalable platform for capturing all documents at the point they are received by the organization, across different departments, businesses and geographies
  • Offers unrivalled flexibility to capture information from paper and electronic documents and seamlessly incorporate it into secure, automated business processes
  • Leverages Autonomy IDOL technology to index over 1,000 file types, 400+ data sources and content in any language
  • Integrates seamlessly with Autonomy Process Automation and Autonomy WorkSite to provide a single platform for automating business processes that fully leverages all information sources, paper and electronic, structured and unstructured

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