Autonomy Records Manager

Autonomy Records Manager provides an unmatched industry leading federated records and retention management solution including the most comprehensive offering available for information classification, retention, and disposition management across the widest range of information sources, formats and languages. Autonomy Records Manager takes a unique and independent approach that breaks away from traditional industry practices requiring the duplication or movement of data to stand-alone systems and allows organizations to manage information “in-place”.  With support for over 150 languages and access to over 1,000 file types through 400 pre-built connectors to disparate content sources, repositories and legacy systems, Autonomy Records Manager governs all information across the entire enterprise, including video and audio files, social media, and websites creating the most effective information governance and risk management solution available in the market.

Product Features

  • Enterprise Wide Search - Find, access and act upon content across over 400 repositories regardless of location, format or record status
  • Litigation Preparedness - Respond to litigation, audit, FOIA, and other information requests related to eDiscovery with confidence
  • Military Grade Security and Certification - US DoD5015.2, UK TNA2002, Australia’s VERS
  • Information Governance - Real-time policy enforcement, compliance, supervision and surveillance to manage all risks
  • In Place Management - The unique ability to manage content in-place, eliminating the expensive and time consuming task of moving content to a centralized repository
  • Deployment Options - can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, in a hybrid model, or as an appliance to reduce cost and manage risk

Product Benefits

  • Efficiency –  Increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the volume of growing, uncontrolled information
  • Proactive Compliance –  Achieve proactive compliance with regulatory, legislative and business obligations
  • Reduce Risk – Minimize the threat of fines, sanctions, and reputation loss through improved compliance and increased defensibility
  • Maintain Budget –  Reduce eDiscovery costs through automated and repeatable processes
  • Meaning-based Retention – Secure, managed storage with document-level retention policies and secure disposition
  • Seamless Platform with Modules – A proven, secure, scalable, geographically-dispersed platform with separate governance, legal hold and eDiscovery modules

Product Differentiators

  • End-to-End Platform - The only vendor to offer a module-based approach across the entire spectrum of eDiscovery, proactive Meaning Based Governance and information management offerings on a common seamless platform, IDOL
  • Understanding Meaning - Understands the meaning of information and interactions and detects when to perform advanced analytics on information across operational systems and consolidated archives
  • Massive Scalability - The most scalable and secure solution with over 14 petabytes and 30 billion messages stored, 6 billion pages in active litigation review and 3 million files processed per hour at high-security data centers and a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center with 24/7 monitoring
  • Proven Successful - The de-facto standard for regulators, securities firms, law firms and enterprises, and in use at the SEC, NYSE, 10 of the top 10 financial institutions, 10 of the top 10 global law firms and 86 of the Fortune 100
  • Automated Classification - Most comprehensive solution for organizing, classifying and managing email, documents and physical records for professional services firms

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