Autonomy Process Automation

Autonomy Process Automation (APA) is the only business process management (BPM) solution that embraces the unstructured and human element of business process, providing workers with all of the information required to make sound business decisions. Autonomy Process Automation fully leverages all information sources, structured and unstructured, and all human capital to guide and automate decision making within the process and optimize business outcomes.

APA is a proven, scalable solution for automating processes that integrate people and content. With state of the art, intuitive tools for modeling processes, developing forms, and monitoring processes, APA enables enterprises to reduce risk, increase speed and optimize business outcomes across a vast range of processes for servicing customers, suppliers and employees. APA solutions turn business processes into strategic assets that enhance competitive advantage.

Product Features

  • Process Design Studio - a comprehensive, graphical workflow modeling and simulation environment enabling business users to define and test processes
  • Electronic Forms Designer - a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms
  • APA Analytics – a comprehensive monitoring and management console that provides visibility into business processes and helps enforce compliance across the enterprise
  • Mobile Process Automation - enables decision-makers to access, review, digitally sign and approve steps in pivotal business processes from anywhere
  • Audit and Security - Comprehensive tracking and auditing capabilities log user and administrative activities and present them in an easy to use management console

Product Benefits

  • Build lock-tight, compliant and auditable processes that minimize the risk of fines and damage to business reputation
  • Achieve optimal business outcomes by providing workers with 100% of the information required to make good business decisions
  • Drastically increase process speed by eliminating idle time between tasks, assembling 100% of supporting information and minimizing human touch points
  • Eliminate costly processing errors and omissions by automating task allocation
  • Capture structured and unstructured information from paper and electronic documents to automate business processes
  • Ensure adherence to best practices across a distributed work force by enforcing consistency
  • Increase visibility into process bottlenecks and redundancies in repetitive tasks
  • Impose deadlines, monitor task level detail, and raise alerts to improve outcomes
  • Achieve better customer, supplier and employee satisfaction

Product Differentiators

  • Leverages all information sources to guide and automate decision making within the process
  • APA adjusts the workflow dynamically, responding to business needs in real-time
  • Simultaneously increase revenue and decrease costs to maximize profitability
  • Index over 1,000+ file types, 400+ data sources, and content in any language to leverage and understand information regardless of its origin
  • Integrates seamlessly with Autonomy TeleForm and Autonomy WorkSite to provide a single platform for automating business processes that fully leverages all information sources, paper and electronic, structured and unstructured

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