Autonomy Policy Authority

Autonomy Policy Authority is the industry’s first meaning-based policy control solution that enables global organizations to centralize the management of governance and compliance policy across the enterprise. Built based on Autonomy IDOL’s unique ability to understand, analyze and act on the meaning of information in any file format and language, Policy Authority is the only solution that automatically applies consistent policy for all applications, such as records management and legal hold, as well as content repositories for both structured and unstructured data.

Traditional approaches to policy management rely on multiple individual applications, and coordinating these to create one consistent, corporate-wide policy requires a manual, time-consuming process. Additionally, organizations are struggling to manage an ever-increasing volume of data consisting of a wide range of structured and unstructured data.

In order to create a unified standard for applying policy to all forms of information, organizations require technology that automatically recognizes context and concepts in data, including social media, web pages, video, and audio recordings. Autonomy Policy Authority is the industry’s only solution that understands the meaning within this wide array of human information, transforming information governance from an inefficient and error-prone process to an automated and defensible operation.

Policy Authority includes a central meaning-based policy engine to provide a consistent set of rules to subscribing applications, thus automating all the steps in the policy control procedure, and elevating the corporate-wide policy above any one application.

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