Autonomy ControlPoint

Autonomy ControlPoint is the industry's first information compliance platform that enables real-time control and complete visibility of all content.  ControlPoint empowers organizations to manage their unstructured content in true alignment with growing corporate, legal or regulatory standards, working transparently with an organization's content sources to address the critical task of ensuring that a single information compliance infrastructure can be implemented.

ControlPoint  provides visibility into the potential risk of both structured and unstructured data by its unique ability to understand and process the meaning of information. Autonomy ControlPoint is a centralized policy authority for enforcing information governance policies across distributed content, including content residing in repositories like SharePoint, WorkSite and content found on share drives.  The solution facilitates critical governance tasks and drastically reduces prohibitive storage costs through de-duplication, manage in place control, and intelligent retention management to systematically remove ROT (Redundant, Outdated, and Trivial content).

Product Features

  • Centralized Policy Definition - Real-time policy authority to enforce governance controls across distributed content
  • Lifecycle Management - Automated policy application governs all aspects of the information lifecycle, including retention, storage management and ultimately disposition
  • De-duplication - Minimize storage costs and reduce discovery times by removing duplicates and near duplicates
  • Risk Notifications - Monitoring and analysis of all electronic communications including email, IM, and voice traffic in real time with automatic alerts to compliance officers, lawyers, managers and employees in order to mitigate potential risk and governance violations
  • Consolidated Reporting and Compliance Dashboard - Analytic dashboard and reporting is applied to all data to build a complete picture and visibility into enterprise data and compliance status
  • Cluster Visualization - Clusters can be represented visually through Spectrographs, 2D or 3D Cluster maps, Geo-Cluster maps, and Idea clouds

Product Benefits

  • Storage Optimization - Facilitate critical governance tasks while drastically reducing prohibitive storage costs through de-duplication, storage optimization, manage in-place capabilities and systematic removal of ROT
  • Monitoring - Visibility into information risk with the unique ability to monitor, understand, and process the meaning of information in real-time
  • Centralized Control - A policy authority to enforce governance control across distributed content, an increasingly critical function given systems like SharePoint are typically siloed throughout the enterprise
  • Business Visibility - Full reporting and holistic dashboard views for business users to analyze the information governance landscape

Product Differentiators

  • Meaning Based Governance - Automated compliance, legal hold and disposition management based on the conceptual understanding of information across file formats, repositories, and languages
  • Manage in Place - Secure management of content in source repositories reduces risk by eliminating the burden of creating, moving, and managing additional data copies
  • Information Access - Consistent enterprise retention and disposition policies across formats, languages and over 400+ repositories, including archives, operational data and SharePoint
  • Proven and Certified - Military grade security and certification to US DoD5015.2, UK TNA2002, Australia’s VERS, ISO 15489

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