Websense Data Loss Prevention

If you've got data, you've got problems. No one needs to tell you that customer names, credit card numbers, and transaction records must be protected. But they tell you anyway. Regulations require that you protect sensitive information, and compliance is getting even tougher with the proliferation of cloud, social, and mobile platforms. In short — it's tough to stay on top of data security and compliance.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in 2010 was $214 per person and $7.2 million per organization. The latter amount includes the costs of detection, escalation, notification, response, and lost business.


The stakes are high.

You can pay a hefty price if you don't have a comprehensive data security solution in place:

  • Fines. No matter how complex the regulations, if you're caught in noncompliance, you face stiff penalties and fines.
  • Agility. You need to be able to move swiftly when business opportunities arise. An unexpected data breach can slow you down.
  • Reputation. Your organization’s hard-won reputation can be damaged overnight in the event of a data loss incident that makes the headlines.

The four threats to data security.

Your organization is probably facing at least three of these right now:

  • Internal accidental. We’ve all accidently sent an email to the wrong person, or forgotten to protect a sensitive file sent to a business partner. Accidental data loss might be innocent, but it still can result in regulatory penalties, loss of business continuity, and damage to customer confidence.
  • Internal intentional. Employees’ determination to get the job done can put sensitive data at risk when they copy files to personal email accounts, unencrypted USB devices, or cloud sharing services.
  • Internal malicious. Trusted users need access to the information you need to protect. Though it’s unlikely that your organization will have a malicious insider trying to steal its data, you need to be on the lookout.
  • External malicious. Cyber criminals work hard to infiltrate your company. They test their malware against the latest antivirus signatures, use exploit code to gain access to your computers and servers, and share data-stealing malware with other hackers over the Internet. That’s why hacking causes more data breaches than any other method.

Get the smart solution to a risky issue.

Websense data security solutions provide the data loss prevention (DLP) capabilties you need. They give you:

  • More than 1,100 pre-defined policies to help identify and protect sensitive information.
  • Network and endpoint DLP.
  • Native enforcement of Web (HTTP), secure Web (HTTPS), and email (SMTP) traffic.
  • Confidential data discovery using both local and network scans.
  • A single policy framework and console for all your management needs.

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