CA DataMinder DLP

CA DataMinder™ allows organizations to control information in-use, in-motion, at-rest and at-access. CA DataMinder delivers these capabilities through CA DataMinder™ Endpoint, CA DataMinder™ Network, CA DataMinder™ Email, CA DataMinder™ Stored Data and integration with CA Identity & Access Management (CA IAM) solutions. CA DataMinder is an information protection and control solution that helps minimize the accidental, negligent and malicious misuse of data while helping comply with various data protection standards and regulations. Through the delivery of broad information and communication coverage, precise policy enforcement through identity context and Content-Aware Identity and Access Management (IAM), organizations are able to take a comprehensive approach to reducing risk to their most critical assets while enabling critical business processes to continue.

Key benefits/results

  • Enable transition to cloud services. Discovers and classifies high risk data and applications enabling IT business decisions.
  • Mitigate high risk modes of communication Controls sensitive data through high risk enterprise communications.
  • Enable compliance with regulatory and corporate policies. Precise policy enforcement through content and identity.

Business challenges

Organizations are tasked with protecting their IT infrastructure and the various forms of sensitive information that is stored or flows through it. To adequately reach this goal the business must understand where the data is, how it is handled and its level of sensitivity. This challenge is compounded by the continuous pressures of corporate and regulatory compliance requirements, customer and employee privacy concerns, and the rising cost of data loss incidents. Another complicating factor is that as the organization leverages new IT paradigms such as cloud computing and virtualization, there can be a lack of data visibility with increased exposure points that place the company’s assets in the face of even more risk. An information protection and control solution enables the better protection and control of critical data where it is stored or handled, thereby reducing the risks associated with uncontrolled information and helping address regulatory and corporate privacy directives.

Solution overview

CA DataMinder allows the organization to define configurable business and regulatory policies, accurately detect sensitive and unstructured data, monitor known and unknown business processes and control accidental, negligent and malicious threats to sensitive corporate assets. It delivers this with the objective to control information across various enterprise locations: endpoints, network, message servers and stored data. It then securely delegates violations for review while measuring key performance metrics over time to drive ongoing program improvement. This is delivered through a central management platform that provides an executive dashboard, detailed and customizable reporting and seamless workflow capabilities. This is then augmented by a customer-focused services program that helps organizations realize both quick time-to-value and a strong return on investment.

CA DataMinder Product Suite

Key features

Controls data handling and access. Discovers, classifies and controls information at the endpoint, over the network, on the message server and in the repository.

Identifies various content types. Identify and classify many types of content including personally identifiable information, non-public information and intellectual property.

Superior detection methods. Industry leading detection through fingerprinting, content description, identity context and conceptbased policies.

Enterprise scalability. Supports deployment to thousands of desktops and users with the ability to start tactically and grow strategically.

Privacy review. Designed to control sensitive data during the process of review and to limit access to reviewers with certain roles.

Flexible enforcement. Flexible actions include block, warn, quarantine, redirect, encrypt, move, delete, replace, monitor and application of igital rights.

Content-Aware Identity & Access  Management. CA DataMinder helps extend  the capabilities of leading CA IAM solutions  by delivering content intelligence and classification to these solutions.

Critical differentiators

Broad information control. CA DataMinder delivers broad control of information across the enterprise. It controls information while in-use, in-motion, at-rest and at-access. Not only does CA DataMinder control information at the endpoint, over the network, on the message server and in the repository but it also controls access to information.

Identity- centric data protection. CA DataMinder leverages identity across policy, user entitlements and delegated remediation. Through the application of identity organizations are able to precisely enforce policy, enable persistent protection and protect employee privacy.

Content-Aware IAM. CA DataMinder’s ability to accurately classify content enables IAM technologies to make more informed and intelligent decisions. For example, CA SiteMinder® is able to consume content classification information to make finer-grained authorization decisions.

Related products/solutions

CA DataMinder Endpoint protects and controls data in-use.
CA DataMinder Network protects and controls data in-motion.
CA DataMinder Stored Data protects and controls data at-rest.
CA DataMinder Email controls and reports on sensitive email in-motion or at-rest.

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