A cost-effective approach to internal, regulatory, and federal investigations

The need to investigate large collections of electronic data can be triggered by a wide variety of constituents, including internal, regulatory, and federal bodies. These requests are more common than their eDiscovery counterparts, but often have similar data volumes and tight deadlines, as well as the same underlying risk if mistakes are made. Increasing the complexity, most organizations are not staffed with the necessary resources to perform this important work. HP’s Investigations solution helps you meet these demands on your information and staff by leveraging the same technology that underpins HP’s market-leading review and analytics solutions. We also provide investigations-specific analytics to expedite the process.

Solution Differentiators

  • Broad data coverage: Access and understand virtually all enterprise data sources, including audio and video—regardless of location, language, or format.
  • Deep content analytics: Leverage cutting-edge technologies to search, visualize, and organize a document collection for expedited analysis.
  • Scalability and security: Host your solutions in HP Autonomy’s state-of-the-art eDiscovery centers that promise government-level security and have a track record of delivering more than 100 million transactions annually.
  • Expert support: Access a team with deep domain expertise that can help you to ensure optimal results.

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