HP Qfiniti

HP Qfiniti

A highly integrated, modular suite for the contact center

Qfiniti Features

Superior customer experience begins with effective workforce management. The recent release of HP Qfiniti 10 now brings the next generation of workforce optimization and advanced multichannel analytics to the contact center.

HP Qfiniti 10 offers a unified, modular suite designed to maximize the value you get from one of the highest cost centers of any business—the costs associated with people. The product includes tools for workforce management, quality monitoring, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, surveying, desktop analytics, and multichannel analytics. Built on industry-leading call recording technology, we deliver the advanced tools needed in today’s global and multisite customer service centers.

HP Qfiniti 10 records all calls for compliance management, and you can selectively capture voice and desktop activity for quality assurance. Innovative built-in coaching, real-time assistance, evaluation, survey, and training modules help you ensure that your business delivers true quality performance.

Qfiniti Workforce

HP Qfiniti 10 offers nine highly integrated workforce management modules, each performing a specific and critical contact center management task or function. For added flexibility, individual components can be deployed to allow you to get the modules you need up and running quickly, with the ability to add others at a later date.

  • Product features

  • Unified, modular framework: Implement integrated modules for call and screen recording, agent evaluation, real-time assistance, survey, and training modules, to ensure that your business delivers true quality performance.
  • State-of-the art workforce management and optimization: Improve operational efficiency, drive interaction effectiveness, and provide superior customer service through integration with the community workforce management solution from Workforce Management Software Group, Inc.
  • Advanced multichannel analytics: Using HP Explore, which leverages HP IDOL pattern-matching technology, you can monitor voice-of-the-customer interactions across any channel and gain valuable insight to foster loyalty, reduce churn, and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Meaning-based approach: Complete strategic actions based on a deep understanding of all your customers, competitors, and markets.
  • Call logging or selective recording: Powerful contact center monitoring options include transaction-based recordings of voice, screens, or both simultaneously.
  • Real-time assistance: Serve relevant recommendations to your agents to improve first-contact resolution rates, decrease training overhead, and accelerate agent effectiveness. Real-time assistance helps your organization improve upsell and cross-sell results with intelligent recommendations.
  • Compliance: Ensure an unprecedented level of compliance to email, IM, chat, and audio recordings to ensure all interactions are managed within regulatory and corporate policies.
  • Post-call customer surveys: Conduct automated surveys after service interactions to get direct and immediate feedback through email using a web-based survey, or after the call using IVR technology.
  • Desktop analytics: Capture agent activity at the individual desktop level to reveal how agents are interacting with their desktop applications and map agent activity to workflows and tasks to identify knowledge gaps and training opportunities.


Deliver outstanding customer service

Deliver outstanding customer service
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Product Briefs

Engage customers with a multichannel interactive platform

Engage customers with a multichannel interactive platform
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Frost & Sullivan Moving to Next-Generation Speech Analytics
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