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HP MediaBin

Manage and distribute thousands of digital assets

HP MediaBin digital asset management helps organizations with globally distributed teams deliver a more engaging and consistent customer experience by effectively managing, distributing, and publishing thousands of customer-facing digital assets. You benefit from higher-impact marketing and communications, greater agility, stronger brand equity, increased team productivity, and the security of knowing valuable corporate assets will be fully leveraged and preserved for the future.

With self-service access, your marketing personnel no longer spend time fulfilling content requests. Virage MediaBin delivers a rapid ROI and can scale to meet the needs of the largest global enterprises.

Product features

  • Video, audio, and image analysis: Comprehensive video management and audio and image analysis, with the ability to understand rich media files and cross-reference them with other forms of information without relying on metadata.
  • Single source of truth: Maintain brand equity and increase productivity by accessing single “core” assets from a centralized repository.
  • Rich media workflow: Configure and automate business processes to ingest, route, review, approve, email, notify, retrieve, and distribute assets with an integrated workflow engine.
  • Targeted asset distribution: Distribute transformed rich content to web, social, print, or mobile with rules-based scheduling.
  • Integrated creative experience: Access all rich content from familiar applications.
  • Hosted rich media: Reach your market faster with permission-based, self-service access to valuable corporate assets.
  • Compliance and license management: Monitor, analyze, record, and archive assets, user interaction, distribution, and delivery to govern where, when, how, and who has access while enforcing governance and license policies.



 Rich web application
 Provides a secure, targeted web-based experience, allowing all users to access and consume rich media assets. Creates a self-service access point for all rich media.
 Collections  Offers system, user-group, or unique user-defined categorization of assets based on dynamic, static, or meaning-based criteria. Allows collection of selected assets in a temporary holding bin for convenient management and delivery to Action drop points.
 Storage, catalogs, and
 Stores, catalogs, targets, and relates all asset file types (images, documents, layouts, audio, and video) to provide high quality streaming previews of video, including .mp4, .mov, and .fv, and previews all pages of documents, including Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Acrobat® InDesign®, and QuarkXPress®.
 Integrated workflow  Event-driven actions address the demands of rich media users, including intuitive drop points to route, review, approve, email, notify, ingest, and retrieve assets. Allows configurable event-driven user or system workflows to meet your business process needs using graphical tools.
Video management Manages ingestion of all video formats while extracting key concepts from assets. Automatic metadata population facilitates meaning-based searches. Provides video editing tools, including storyboard, jump to scene, select excerpt, add bumpers and trailers, and re-ingest as new asset.
Deep video indexing (DVI) Automatically extracts information from within the video file itself rather than relying on frequently subjective, incomplete, and unreliable user-defined metatags.
Meaning-based search Searches for assets based on metadata and concepts, speaker, face, logo, full in-document text, image content/visual similarity, or a mix of criteria.
Action drop points Configurable, icon-based action drop points guide users to required operations. Provides simple drag-and-drop capabilities with multi-select for assets and collections.
Advanced analytics Integrates with IDOL for conceptual analysis, hyperlinking to related content, content summaries, profiling, and categorization of all files.
Asset transformation
Converts images to various formats, including Adobe Photoshop PSD, vector EPS, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and flash video, and downloads images in any format, size, resolution, and color space.
Advanced file fromat
Supports over 1,000 file types, including 2D CAD, 3D CAD, and 3D Graphic file formats, as well as Camera RAW and DNG digital camera files.
Easy import/ingest
Enables drag-and-drop of assets into MediaBin to automatically generate asset previews, store metadata, and establish search relations.
Efficient storage Stores one core image asset and creates all renditions from the source to speed production and reduce storage requirements.
Email assets Creates email shortcuts to assets that link directly to MediaBin or email attachments. Grants internal and external recipients immediate access to required assets.
Flexible metadata
Stores and edits metadata pertaining to assets and collections. Can add unlimited metadata fields, provide bulk metadata editing for quick updates to multiple files, enable copy and paste metadata between assets, and support industry standards, including Adobe XMP, Dublin Core, IPTC, EXIF, and more. Extracts audio and video metadata via analytic plug-ins.
Version control Manages asset updates through comprehensive version control with checkin/ check-out, and provides version control for metadata revisions.
Enterprise security
Provides system login and access controls on folders, retrieval tasks, and metadata fields based on existing user and group IDs managed within Windows Domains, Active Directory, and LDAP.
Detailed activity logging Tracks who downloads what and when, and tags assets derived in MediaBin for tracing back to the core asset.
XML support Shares data with other applications and systems through XML export and import routines.
Automated asset delivery Automates the delivery of assets and asset renditions to external sites and applications, while automatically delivering updates according to specified schedules. Delivers assets to all multichannel outputs, including web, mobile, social, and print.
Robust APIs Allows for easy integration into complex ECM implementations and content publishing applications using a rich web services API that can be used to build custom integrations and/or extend the functionality.
High volume processing Accommodates high-volume, complex imaging tasks from many distributed clients.


 HP Rich Media Management
HP Rich Media Management
PDF 3.6 MB
Manage and leverage your rich media
Manage and leverage your rich media
MediaBin delivers compelling customer experiences
MediaBin delivers compelling customer experiences
PDF 4.3 MB

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Loma Linda University Health delivers engaging customer experiences across multiple channels with HP Autonomy
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Ripley Entertainment strengthens engagement with HP MediaBin
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Felco reduces costs with rich media management
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